Pregnancy Essentials


Above are my absolute must haves to get through my pregnancy. Although when I was pregnant with my first son RJ I didn’t use any of these except the prenatals of course. So really it’s not a NEED but it’s definitely a WANT with this pregnancy and it just makes it so much more enjoyable this time around.


First and foremost are my Prenatals. I use Enfamil Expecta. I buy them from Target for $12.99 but save 5% with my Target red card and an additional $2.00 off because at the bottom of every box of these is a coupon for $2.00 off your next box. All the medical professionals I meet with recommend this particular brand. It is working great with me and this pregnancy. I am not deficient in anything which is GREAT !! Only downside with these and any prenatal vitamin is that it MUST be taken with food. If taken on an empty stomach it can and probably will make you sick. I NEVER EVER get nauseous let alone vomit and one time I took my vitamins without any food and 5 minutes later I was running to the bathroom sicker than a dog. Needless to say that was the last time I took them on an empty stomach.


To be completely honest I use this tea not for the reasons it was made for. Before I got pregnant I drank chai tea latte everyday twice a day. So once we found out we were expecting I completely eliminated caffeine from my diet. No lie I had withdrawals for a few days lol but after researching different teas for me to drink there was always an ingredient in it that I didn’t agree with nor think was safe. So after a two months of searching I came across Traditional Medicinals (which I knew about but didn’t know they had a tea for us baby making and carrying women lol) pregnancy tea. I looked around in Sooo many grocery stores for it and finally found it at a local publix (not all publix carry it) for $3.99. It comes with 16 tea bags which is so worth it for a tea loving pregnant woman. It is also sold at Target,online only. But the tea is supposed to be good for preparing the womb for childbirth. I personally think my womb remembers how to do this from 2 years ago but hey it taste yummy and helps with my tea addiction lol


My all time favorite product ! This is the all organic Belly balm by The Honest Company. I think it cost around $15 but I bundle with The Honest Company for $35 a  month, I get 5 household/body products. And this is one of the products I get in my bundle every month. The balm is made with 100% all natural ingredients which is why I love it. I can put some on at 8pm and the next morning I will greet my little belly bump and sure enough it is STILL moist like I had just put it on 5 minutes ago. It doesn’t rub off on my shirt and dry up which is another thing I love. I use it about 2 times a day (if I remember) only because I’m not too worried about stretch marks with this baby. With RJ (my first child) I barely used my lotion and I didn’t get any stretch marks aside from the ones on my once engorged tetas lol. But it’s always good to lather up because every pregnancy is different.


and lastly is my Boppy wedge pillow ! I wish I wish wish I had this with my first son ! This makes sleeping so much more comfortable. I am not even “big” yet and I am already benefiting so much from it. When I am laying down on my side you just shove this little wedge between your bed and your growing bump. Why not use a regular ole pillow to support your belly, you might ask. This wedge pillow is angled so it supports your belly in the right places and doesn’t go flat like your regular pillow would. One of my co-workers bought me this pillow as a “congrats on getting knocked up” gift from BuyBuy Baby for $15. Anyways I am forever greatful for this pillow !



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