Weekly Bumpdates

26 weeks


How far along: 26 weeks, 6 and a half months !

Gender: boy !! 3d/4d ultrasound is in 2 days !!!

Cravings: oranges, spicy food and cereal

Aversions: nothing ! I want it all !!! Lol

Stretch Marks: none, so far!

Mood: I’ve been steady this week ! No temper tantrums since Sunday.

Total Weight gain: Haven’t checked since last Friday. Current weight is 128 so total pounds gained is 10

Maternity clothes: Maxi skirts and tank tops are my best friend.

Sleep: Same ole potty trips, but I recently had to switch pillows because I woke up with a kink in my neck for two nights in a row. It was so bad I couldn’t turn my head AT ALL to the left…needless to say I looked ridiculous hahaha

Miss anything: bikinis, margaritas and sushi

Milestones: baby boy is inhaling and exhaling small amounts of amniotic fluid now. So the hiccups should be coming soon.

Outfit: Dress is from target for $7, Cardigan is from Ross, and my necklace n earrings are from premier designs.


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