Kitchen Reno design board

The time has come!!!! Our kitchen Reno is finally happening.

Here’s a little recap, we closed on our house in November of 2015 and we planned on completely gutting our 1980s {laminate fabulous} kitchen in May of 2016, well then we found out we were pregnant with baby number 3 and kitchens are expensive as well as babies. So we decided to continue to save and we put it off for another year. So finally the time has come to renovate our kitchen.


We’ve already purchased the wood like tile for the kitchen and the rest of the house, and the cabinet people (idk what to call them lol) have drawn up a plan and just need to remeasure. The plan is to have White Shaker cabinets, with super white granite with streaks of black (the actual slab we picked out, does not have black in it, so we need to go back and find one with black), white subway tiles with a dark grey grout. All stainless steel appliances, and black fixtures. Jute rug to match the 29″ bar stools.


Anyways, here is the design board I created! so excited to document this journey with you all. Maybe I’ll make some videos of the demo of the kitchen, our current tile and then piecing everything all together.



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