27 weeks


How far along: 27 weeks, officially in my third trimester

Gender: he is definitely a boy, confirmed again with a 3d ultrasound lol

Cravings: spicy food, but I’ve slowed down with that because I was getting heart burn. But I’m still loving my oranges and cereal

Aversions: nothing ! I want it all !!! Lol

Stretch Marks: None, so far! But my stomach has been itching like no ones business

Mood: no crazy temper tantrums lately. I’ve actually been very loving lol

Total Weight gain: Haven’t checked since two weeks ago, but I have an OB appointment on Tuesday ! (Last time it was 10 pounds gained though)

Maternity clothes: I honestly don’t NEED it. I have maternity clothes because in the beginning of this pregnancy H&M had it for cheap and I swore I would get huge. But so far I’ve just been using maxi skirts, tank tops and my pre pregnancy shorts just with a belly band.

Sleep: I’ve been waking up earlier in the night for a potty break ?

Miss anything: bikinis, margaritas and sushi

Milestones: At his last ultrasound he was measuring a week bigger, our big boy is 2 pounds 5 oz which is much bigger for his age.

Outfit: tank top is from H&M and my shorts are actually from when I was pregnant with RJ. I decided to bring those bad boys out on this hot Florida day (it’s 84 degrees out !)

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