30 weeks


How far along: 30 weeks !! The countdown begins ?

Gender: Boy !

Cravings: fruit fruit and more fruit !!

Aversions: rice and beans !!

Stretch Marks: None !!

Mood: still short tempered…everything is so annoying.

Total Weight gain: 17 pounds gained so far ! Total 134 pounds ?

Maternity clothes: yes !!! I can still fit my regular clothes but they definitely are not comfortable like some good ole maternity pants !

Sleep: I wake up twice during the night to pee. My bladder can’t hold anything anymore ?

Miss anything: roller coasters when we’re at Disney, sleeping on my tummy, and some of my favorite dresses.

Milestones: 150 bpm!! His heart rate went down !! It’s usually pretty high

Outfit: dress is from tjmaxx, bought it like two years ago and only worn it twice…if that. Jewelry is from forever 21 and earrings are from h&m !!

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