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Lollipop Baby Camera Review

If you follow my Insta-Stories, you'll know how much we love our Lollipop Baby Camera. We've been using it for almost 2 months now to really be able to tell you how we like it, and how its functioning with every day continuous use. Being that this is a higher priced item, I really wanted… Continue reading Lollipop Baby Camera Review


Our Family Staycation at Orlando Embassy Suites- Lake Buena Vista

Being a family of Five now, sometimes it's pretty hard to get away from the hustle and bustle. Everyday our routine is, wake up-breakfast time-playtime-lunch time-nap time-snack time-learning time-gym time-TV time-dinner time-bath time-bed time-and REPEAT. Some days I'm bold and throw in Doctor appointments, Play dates, or even worse...GROCERY SHOPPING. So needless to say, as… Continue reading Our Family Staycation at Orlando Embassy Suites- Lake Buena Vista


10 Things You Don’t Say to a Pregnant Woman

Being pregnant three times, I've heard it all from people!#1. Are you having twins?Um, who says that? I've never had someone say this to me, But I've had a few co-workers who carry rather big, and I've heard other women say "Are you sure you're not carrying two?" That's like a complete slap in the face! Whether you… Continue reading 10 Things You Don’t Say to a Pregnant Woman

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Sunday Brunch Day Date

|This Post contains affiliate links, by clicking on some of the links, you are supporting a small business, my small business, Aseky+The Boys. Thank you! |This past Sunday my husband and I went on our bi-weekly date. Lately we've unintentionally been going out together kid free about once a week, and it's been amazing for our marriage.… Continue reading Sunday Brunch Day Date

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The Dad bag and outfit

If you follow me on Instagram, you should already know that I'm a night shift working mama (only 2 nights a week), so when I get off work, this mama needs ABSOLUTE silence. If it's the weekend, that's where my wonderful husband comes into play.When I get off work, and come home, my husband takes… Continue reading The Dad bag and outfit