Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite Stroller with Rear Seat Review

If you follow me on Instagram, this bright Red Stroller should not be a surprise to you. So after using this stroller consistently for 2 months, I’ve put together a thorough review of the stroller and how we are liking it after all this time.

Joovy gifted me this stroller in exchange for an honest review. So here it goes.

Stroller features:

  • Huge canopy
  • Parent organizer- most strollers you have to buy this separate
  • 3 position front seat- which is perfect for when you’re on the go and it’s nap time. Your little one is able to lay almost completely flat
  • Child tray- this is another feature that most strollers have to purchase separately
  • Stand on platform- it comes standard with the stroller. It’s perfect for your older toddler who would like to stand.
  • Rear Bench Seat- the seat comes standard with a three point harness.
  • Universal car seat adapter- also comes standard with the stroller. You would use this when your baby is still in an infant seat and not ready for the regular seat.
  • Large storage basket
  • One step parking breaks
  • Compact fold- when open it measures 42’x38”x21.25” (LHW)when folded it goes down to 10”x21.25×45.25”(HWL)
  • Light weight-23.5 lbs

Here’s a quick video on how to open/close the stroller:

Stroller Set Up:

Setting up the stroller took literally 20 minutes, and the rear caboose seat took an additional 10 minutes. The instructions were very simple to follow along, and included images for every step. I started to put it together by myself, but my husband finished for me because the baby got hungry. When you take it out of the box, the frame on the stroller is already set up. All you need to add are the handle bars, wheels, cup tray and sun shade. But again, it’s all very simple to put together.

How we seat the kids:

Because Joel is no longer in an infant seat, we put him in the front seat. And we put Elias in the rear caboose seat. If Elias was older than 2.5 we would be able to place him in the sit and stand spot, but to be honest, he LOVES sitting in the caboose seat.

How we like it:

  • Overall: We love it! This is the main stroller I use for weekday use. I use it for preschool drop off, mall trips, and just running errands where using a stroller is needed. What I really love about it, is how light it is, and how easy it is to fold. When I’m dropping the kids off at preschool, I have to get out of the car and walk them to their class. Walking back to the car and loading the baby back in the car in this Florida heat is no fun. So having a stroller that’s quick and easy to fold is a must. It literally takes me 15 seconds to fold it, and load it in the back of my SUV. There are times that my husband will put my other stroller in the car (i still love the other stroller by the way) and when I make it to their preschool, I will legit get upset that my Joovy stroller is not in the car. When I’m by myself, I don’t have time nor the energy to deal with a stroller that needs to come apart just to fold it. This stroller can still fold WITH the rear caboose seat. That to me is a must, because it saves me like 2 minutes in the parking lot. While 2 minutes may not seem like very long, when you’re in 95 degree heat, every second you’re not in your cold AC is too long.
  • The push: It’s very easy to push. It’s not as easy to push as my other stroller, but for the price, and for the simple fact it’s a double stroller, it pushes very well! It’s easy to maneuver through tight spaces, and even makes good 180 degree turns.
  • The rear caboose seat: So far we are loving the caboose seat! well Elias is. It’s a full size seat, that even reclines. It’s perfectly shaded by the sunshade that extends from the parent console to the back of the main canopy. It’s all secured by a zipper.
  • The warranty: Joovy covers the stroller for 2 years! This is so important to me, because that’s basically the average length of use for a double stroller!

Would I recommend this stroller?

YES! If i was never gifted this stroller by Joovy, I would 100% buy it. i love the color, the convenience and how light it is.

Who would I recommend this stroller to?:

I would highly recommend this stroller for anyone who has 2 kids under 4. But id specifically recommend this stroller for moms who are mostly by themselves throughout the week. Just because it’s so fast and simple to fold it. When you’re by yourself, it’s double (or my case triple) the work. I don’t have a helping hand. It’s great for 2 kids, ages 4 and under, because the rear seat can be removed and the 4 year old could use the stand on feature, while your other child could sit in the front seat.

Ready to buy?

You can order the stroller directly from their website (click here) or also on their website there is a list of all the places this particular stroller can be purchased from, which include BuyBuy Baby, Target, BabiesRus and Amazon.

If you have ANY questions about this stroller, please, feel free to comment below and I promise I’ll answer them truthfully! Buying a stroller is a huge investment, and I want you to feel comfortable with your purchase!

This post was sponsored by Joovy| as always, all opinions are 100% me. If I didn’t like it, there just wouldn’t be a blog post at all!

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