Keeping The Boys Germ Free with Kleenex Wet Wipes


Boys love germs, and Germs love boys. That’s no secret, at least it isn’t for my three boys. They love to go outside and get dirty, and then stick their fingers in their noses immediately afterwards!

So as a mom, I made an executive decision to adopt Kleenex Wet Wipes into our family. Hand sanitizer just wasn’t doing it. It would drip everywhere, and something about gooey cold stuff just doesn’t sit well with an active 1 and 2 year old. Using the wipes is much easier and faster for my family. It can be used at home, and on the go!  When they’re all done playing outside (like if we’re at the park) and want a quick bite to eat, I’m able to pull it out of my diaper bag, and wipe their hands and face down, and they can indulge in their snack. It doesn’t take away anytime! And it’s not just for moms or kids, It’s for anyone! Let’s say you go to the gas station, and you touch that nasty gas pump, right when you get in the car, you can wipe away 99% of the germs you just exposed yourself to. I read online, that a “gas pump is THE germiest thing you can touch”. If your gas station doesn’t have gloves, what are you going to do? Making sure you have Kleenex Wet Wipes in your car at all times is a must!


What’s also great about these wipes are that they can be used on the face. My oldest son, RJ thought it was a great idea to stamp his entire face. Instead of stopping everything I’m doing to take him to the bathroom to wash his face. I was able to wipe his face down with a Kleenex Wet Wipe. It’s gentle enough for the most sensitive surfaces.

When we went to LEGOLAND this past Monday, My 2 year old (another a germ lover) thought it would be fun to play with the trash cans. He was literally running his hands along the side, sticking his hand in, and trying to hang from it- See pictures below. Although I was freaking out because that’s gross, I pulled out my Kleenex Wet Wipes and wiped his hands and arms down until we could go to a restroom.

Needless to say, We love Kleenex Wet wipes. Kleenex is a brand that my family, and MILLIONS of other families have trusted for years. So adopting their newest Wet wipes was practically a no brainer.

Okay so I’m ready to buy this, what’s next?:

Kleenex Wet Wipes can be purchased at Target. I found mine at my local target for only $1.49! For less than $2, you get 20 wipes. You save yourself 20 trips to the bathroom for a hand wash! That’s an absolute deal for me!

It’s located in the same section you would find Kleenex tissues, and Toilet paper.

This post was sponsored by Kleenex Wet Wipes| But as always, all opinions are 100% me, Or else I wouldn’t blog about it!

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