Master Bedroom Progress

A master bedroom is somewhere any homeowner should be able to escape to, for comfort, relaxation and some peace. Well our master bedroom prior to the facelift was everything opposite of that. The walls were painted an ugly beige color. Whoever painted the walls (prior to us closing) used a paint thinner to make the paint last, and in result it felt extremely cheap, and got dirty easily. Our bed was a queen size, and it definitely over 10 years old, and was caving in. Every time I slept, I rolled towards the center. Our night stands were the cheap $7 end tables from IKEA. I think the only good thing about everything, is the bed frame, and my dresser. But with getting a larger bed, we had to get rid of the bed frame.

So clearly, it was time for us to update our room. We have a new baby coming, and this mama needs all the peace, tranquility and relaxation I can get.

So here is the master bedroom semi reveal. It’s not 100% done, because we plan on getting a taller dresser (our current dresser is not being featured at all because it’s not decorated the way we want) and changing our closet doors (we have ugly mirror doors, that’s actually pretty functional). And possibly adding in some greenery. Who knows!

  • The night stand is from IKEA, and was only $69! It’s the perfect size for the room.
  • The Duvet is from Wayfair, and I’m going to be completely honest…Don’t buy it! We keep our house subzero at night and we get EXTREMELY hot. Also, it claims to be a king size, but when we put our king size down comforter in it (it’s a cooling comforter, so we should not be getting this hot under it) it doesn’t even fit right. If you look at the picture above, you can tell it’s all slouchy looking on one side. Hate it. But, you get what you pay for. And I bought it for cheap. If you have any all white and plain duvet recommendations, please them my way.

  • This Bench is from IKEA! We actually have this same one in our dining room. It’s apart of the Skogsta series.
  • The Plant and Black n’ White stripe throw is also from IKEA. (Blanket is discontinued, so here is one I like that’s similar)

  • The pillow is from Target. I bought it last year, with no clue where to put it! (Discontinued, but here is one i like that’s pretty similar)

  • Bed frame is from Wayfair. It’s a platform bed, meaning there is no box spring. So the bed sits a little lower to the floor. 

  • The table top lamp is from Target// The Floor lamp is from IKEA. We scored the floor lamp for 50% off in the as-is section because it was a display. And the table top lamp I got for 40% off because, that week target had lamps 20% off, and the lamp had a minor scratch on it so they discounted it 20% off for me!

  • The custom sign is from SeventhandPlum. What I love about the signs, are that it’s not perfect. It has a few imperfections which actually give it more character, and it doesn’t look store bought. From time of order, to delivery it was a total of 12 days! All in all, we love this sign and it completed the room!

  • This “Woven Wall art” is from Target. I also got it last year, and it just sat in storage with no real home, and once we made progress in our bedroom it fit in perfectly. Again, this item is discontinued, but here is a similar one I like! 

  • Fan is from Home Depot// Funny story about our fan. The one that was originally in the room was UGLY AF. It was the one what came with the house, and we kind of just dealt with it because it got the job done. One of Renaldo’s co-workers was moving out, and she had an extra fan and asked us if we wanted it. So we were like “yeah, this is much better than what we currently have”. Well the “new” fan was much heavier than the UGLY original one, and one night at 2am, the fan fell! SOOOO, we took this opportunity to just get the fan we REALLY wanted. And that’s how we ended up with this sleek black fan.

Terrible quality, but I just wanted to show a full shot of the curtains.
  • The curtains are also from IKEA, and these are the same exact curtains we have all throughout our house. I love how they drag on the floor slightly! We raised them all the way to the ceiling because it gives the illusion that the ceilings are higher. The curtain rod is also from IKEA.

  • Our rug is from IKEA. we scored it in the “as-is” section, aka the clearance section. We got the rug for over 60% off because it was discontinued. It wasn’t exactly what we envisioned, but we fell in love with the price tag and decided to made it work. After all, it went perfectly with our overall theme. Like I mentioned before, the rug is also discontinued, but here is one very similar, in price, material and overall aesthetic.
  • Our wall color is Sherwin Williams Oyster White, and I love it because it’s a clean and bright color. It reflects the morning sun wonderfully.

  • Our new king size (gifted) Nectar Sleep Mattress is seriously the best. My husband and I have been sleeping on a small crappy bed for so long, Lord knows our back needed this. There is so much space in the bed, and my husband can move around freely without waking me up. I was a little skeptical about getting a bed online, but it’s seriously perfect. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the firmest, the bed is a 7. No more tossing and turning at night. It is a mix of gel memory foam, so it stays cool. It’s designed so you’ll never get dust mites. Getting dust mites is actually one of my biggest fears! It ships free with fedex, and comes right to your front door. And to top it all off, It comes with a forever warranty! Full review coming soon!
  • Since the bed is 11 inches thick, we purchased this sheet set from IKEA, and it fits perfectly.

Anyways, hope you like Our Master bedroom face lift. And I will definitely do an updated post once we are 100% complete!

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