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Sweetie Pie Organics: Week 1

So what grabbed your attention? My Instagram post sharing how I pumped 12 oz in under 15 minutes after drinking ONE sweetie pie lactation smoothie? Was it the cute pink carton it comes in? OR was it to just be nosey (hahaha, I'm nosey it's okay!) So I'm a brand ambassador for Sweetie Pie Organics,… Continue reading Sweetie Pie Organics: Week 1


Signs You’re a Breastfeeding Mom

If you're a breastfeeding mom, was or even a part time (you do formula as well), I'm sure you can relate to this list. These are all things I've experienced from breastfeeding all three of my boys. When it's time to nurse your baby, you touch your boobs to feel which side is "fuller" because you… Continue reading Signs You’re a Breastfeeding Mom