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Wake up, coffee, take care of kids, nap time, coffee, playtime, dinner time, bedtime, relax, sleep and repeat.
Running and chasing after kids all day is a full time job, that for some (or most) requires some sort of caffeine. If you don’t need caffeine, tell me your secret!!! But as parents sometimes we forget to take care ourself, and our teeth. We brush them, go to dental cleanings, but how are your teeth looking with all that coffee you drink? I know mine were yellowing more and more by the cup.
Thankfully, Smile Brilliant came to my rescue! I never realized how yellow my teeth truly were until I made it to week 2 of using the custom fitted whitening trays. When I looked at my before photos, I ran to my husband and told him “why did you tell me I had a mouth full of gold teeth?!?!” Haha. But the results were drastic, I still can’t believe it.
So let’s talk about how it works:(copied from their site-because I’m no dentist, and I’ll sound extremely dumb explaining it off the top of my head) 
“Your teeth have pores and act like a sponge; absorbing the colors of the food and drink you ingest each day. Over time, those stains continue to get deeper into the tooth and can no longer be removed by brushing or over-the-counter products like whitening strips. To remove these stains, a professional treatment that ensure that every angle of every tooth stays in continuous contact with the teeth that are stained. The whitening gel in a custom-fitted whitening tray gently opens up the pores and soaks into the tooth. Active ingredients lift the stains to the surface. After whitening, your pores require time to naturally rehydrate and remineralize (ie: pores go back to smaller size). This is why it is best to whiten before bed and apply desensitizing gel after each whitening session. Reducing the amount of colored food (especially coffee, tea, wine, and tobacco) for as long as possible will greatly reduce the chances of your teeth restaining quickly.”
What can I expect once delivered: 
The packaging
You will receive a box that comes with all your whitening gel, desensitizing gel, catalyst paste, base paste, domestic pre-paid postage (to return your impressions). When you receive all of this in the mail, you will first…
  1. Make your impressions- this step was very easy for me because I’ve had braces so I remember exactly where I’m suppose to bite into the tray, and how the entire process works. But if this is all brand new to you, it comes with very thorough step by step instructions.
  2. After your impressions are complete, you will place it in the bright pink prepaid envelope to be sent back to the Smile Brilliant facility.
  3. While you wait for it to come back (3-5 business days), go on Pinterest and look up all the future photo shoot ideas you want to do once you’re done whitening your teeth.
  4. Once they arrive, follow all the instructions that they sent you and whiten your teeth! They recommend keeping the whitening gel in for 45 minuets to 3 hours. When I first started, I did 1 hour and slowly I increased it to 1 hour 15 min.
My personal review: 
I love it! I love the results from it as well. My only drawback was finding a good time to whiten my teeth. A lot of people do it before bed, because after the desensitizing gel, you can’t eat or drink for 30 minutes. So of course, before bed is ideal. But for me, it wasn’t! I’d find myself forgetting about it, or falling asleep, or upset that I can’t have my 4th meal. So I started doing it in the early afternoon, late morning. I’d drink my morning coffee, eat breakfast, and then whiten my teeth. While I was whitening my teeth, I’ll do my 45 minute daily cleaning routine. And by the time I’m done cleaning up, my treatment is complete! It just became another thing in my daily routine. My son will joke with me and say “mommy, you’re taking your teeth out!!” Whenever he’ll see me take the whitening tray out.
My teeth are super sensitive, I could never just bite into ice cream, or drink something really cold. So trying this out, I was really curious how my teeth would feel. The treatment comes with a desensitizing gel, which does exactly that! The first 3 treatments I had some sensitivity, but not until the next day, and it was tolerable. So I’d do every other day for the beginning. But after my third treatment, my teeth were either use to it, or the sensitivity just went away. I no longer have any discomfort.
Overall:  I love the product, and had I never partnered with Smile Brilliant, I would have 115% purchased this on my own! You know how good it feels to smile confidently, knowing your teeth are shining! It’s just a great feeling, and I’m so thankful for Smile Brilliant for brightening my Smile!

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I promise you’ll love the results!!!

 This post was sponsored by Smile Brilliant| but as always, all opinions are 100% me. Obviously, the results don’t lie!

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