Tips for Planning A Babymoon

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Photos taken at The Scott Resort & Spa, located in Scottsdale, Arizona.

If you follow me on Instagram, you should know that this past weekend, my husband and I went on our babymoon. If you’re not familiar with a babymoon its basically a “last vacation before the baby comes” type of thing. We have three boys, so going on a getaway was important for us. My husband and I were able to hop on and off flights without the worries of car seats and stroller. We were able to get a normal sized room without worrying about suites, and who’s going to sleep where. And best of all, we were able to fully give each other our undivided attention before the sweet chaos of bringing another child into the world begins.

So if you’re an expecting mama, I HIGHLY recommend going on a babymoon before your little one arrives.

Here are some tips for planning your babymoon.

  1. Ask yourself, what kind of vacation do you want to go on?


    • Sight seeing? Somewhere like New York, that there is so much to see and do!
    • Relaxation? Somewhere like South Florida, you can just lay out by the beach all day!
    • Little bit of both? Somewhere like Arizona, known for resorts, but the amazing scenery as well.
  2. What is most affordable? Being that you’re about to fork out a ton of cash for your hospital stay, and basically the rest of this baby’s life. You have to think about your finances and what aligns best with your family’s budget. We booked our entire vacation through Expedia, and took advantage of their new “Add-On Advantage”. With the Add-On Advantage, I was able to quickly book my flight to Arizona, and pick my hotel later but still at a discounted rate. Being the indecisive pregnant woman that I am, I had until the day we left for our trip to choose a hotel! Thankfully, I didn’t take THAT long to make my mind. But I did take awhile, but I booked confidently because I had time to sleep on it and browse for a good deal!  But here are your different options for booking your vacation, and everything else that must be booked with it.
    • Flying somewhere
      • Flight
      • Hotel
      • Car
    • Staycation
      • Driving somewhere (Just hotel or Hotel+Car)
      • Staying local/Day trip (Car)
  3. Know your limitations.
    • How far along are you?
      • Over 34 weeks- you should stay local. And some airlines restrict travel at a certain point, so it’s best to check with your preferred airline and your doctor when you should/shouldn’t travel. But in my opinion. I’d hate to be in air or at a foreign place and go into labor. So for me, nothing past 34 weeks.
      • Under 34 weeks- I told myself, wherever we go whether it’s by air or traveling over 2 hours away, it has to be done by the 34th week.
      • Don’t forget to bring your prenatal lab records! If for some reason you need to go to the urgent care, or the hospital during your baby-moon, you’re going to need all your prenatal records handy! So make sure you get that from your Doctor!
    • Know the area you are traveling to?
      • Diseases? ZIKA was a big thing a couple years ago, but my Doctor advised I not travel to any of those countries that were once a threat!
      • Would you want to deliver there? If you were to go into unexpected labor, would you want to deliver a baby there?
    • Are you physically able?
      • Are you High Risk?- If you’re high risk, ask your doctor what they think is the best idea!
      • Do you think you’ll be able to sit in an airplane for x amount of hours, or ride in a car for x amount of time?

My Top 5 Baby-Moon Destinations:

These are all destinations that we highly considered. But ultimately went with Arizona.

  1. Arizona (Scottsdale/Sedona)- Arizona is known for their resorts, and amazing scenery.
  2. New York (New York City)- A foodie’s dream! Also amazing things to do and see.
  3. California (San Francisco)- Amazing weather year round, with beautiful scenery.
  4. Florida (Any of the Beaches)- Need I say more? Beaches, warm climate, can you say Relaxation?
  5. Georgia (Savannah)- Historic quaint city to stroll the city, sight see and be a foodie in.

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  • This is perfect!!!!!! We didn’t go on any babymoons with either of our kids, but I would have loved too. Didn’t really know anything about it when we had our first. I love how this makes you really think and follow through. I’m coming back to this when we have baby 3

  • My husband and I went on a baby moon to India and Nepal. It was fantastic! I love this Add-On feature. Takes a lot of pressure off finding a hotel right away. I like time to do my research. ?

  • Great tips, love the idea of a babymoon – the last trip away before having a little one – some lovely ideas here.

  • These are a great plan. I never really thought about going to Arizona before, it looks beautiful though. May need to add it to my want to do list.

  • Aww I adore the idea of mamas to be getting a babymoon! What a fun and relaxing thing for them before life becomes so busy…

  • I too went to Arizona and California San Francisco in last winter and I totally agreed with you that these are greatest places to visit. Especially for people like me who came from Asia. Seeing the Grand Canyon and Golden Gate Bridge are just dream come true. Thigs in US is really big and so different from Asia. Even it is not for babymoon, anyone can visit these great destination too.

  • Aww i love the idea of a babymoon! I dont think these were a thing when I was carrying my babies. Maybe I can have a mommymoon lol

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