Tips for planning the ultimate bachelorette getaway

White dress, diamond ring, dancing, endless mimosas, beautiful decoration, celebration of love! You probably guessed wedding right? Nope! I’m talking about the bachelorette party, but for this day in age, it’s bachelorette weekend getaway!

My best friend of 17.5 years is getting married y’all! As kids, we literally planned the day each of us would get married, and even said that if we didn’t get married, we’d just live with each other forever. Thankfully we found good guys who can tolerate us. She stood by my side 3 years ago as I said “I do” to my high school sweetheart, and in 2 short months, I’ll be the Matron of Honor standing by her side as she marries her Prince Charming (and I say Prince Charming because as 8 year olds, we use to go to Disney World together literally every weekend, and we could quote every Disney movie so we dreamt of our Prince).

Myself, and the rest of her bridal party (Gabby-Maid of Honor, and Stephanie-Bridesmaid) spent the last 4 months planning the perfect bachelorette getaway. And as flawless as it came out, it took a lot to get it that way. Every house we’d find to rent out, would be booked by the time we got all our money together to pay for it. Etsy shop owners who last minute canceled on us, or just was sketchy! But we are so thankful we found a place, and some amazing shop owners who came through for us, to help make her day special.

Here are some tips for planning the best bachelorette getaway:

  1. Get along with the bridal party: You won’t believe how much that helps. I couldn’t imagine planning such an important event with a bunch of girls I can’t stand! We all got along and meshed really well! We started a group chat early on and just chit chatted about anything, not always wedding and bachelorette related! And even if you don’t like the other girls, try to make it work for the sake of the bride. Last thing she needs is drama!
  2. Speaking of drama, save the drama for ya mama: seriously, don’t stress the bride out! If you’re starting drama, you’re being selfish. This day is not about you…never will be. Sorry to keep it blunt….but it’s true. ITS NOT ABOUT YOU, so save the drama!
  3. Pick a location (with bride in mind): When picking a location, think of where the bride would want to go, or what she likes to do! Even though a weekend in the Hampton’s sounds so nice….would the bride want that? If you can’t figure out where to go, simply ask her. What better way to figure it out than going straight to the source.
  4. Think of a theme (again, with bride in mind): what does she love? What’s her favorite colors? Incorporate what she loves in a tasteful way! What I mean by tasteful, is if she loves pink….not everything needs to be pink, add accents of silver, gold and white.(“She said yes” custom banner made by Party Glam Creations)
  5. Get matchy matchy: It’s only okay to get matching custom shirts for 1. Family reunions 2. Bachelorette parties…so get matching shirts that you all can wear for a day outing! We did a Taylor Swift theme (pics below), with the famous red lipstick. Also, plan a night that you all wear black and the bride wears white! Make sure she stands out! **for a bonus: get her a custom sash! That’ll make her stand out**
  6. Plan activities, don’t just wing it: make an itinerary, it really shows you care and put work into it. Think of things your bride would want to do and places she would want to eat at.
  7. Don’t be so strict with the itinerary: Don’t be the annoying Bridesmaid who’s like “it’s 3:31, we are 1 minute late to walking to the beach, get it together ladies!!!” It’s okay to not run a super strict schedule. If you all are relaxing on the beach, Coronas in hand and not a worry on your mind, don’t stress the itinerary!
  8. Plan some fun games for y’all to play: My best friends future sister in law planned a really sweet game; she asked the groom 20 questions and recorded him and his answers via video, and at the condo, we surprised the bride with the video. We asked the bride the same questions, and she answered what she thought her groom would say. It was seriously the sweetest and thoughtful thing ever. Other games you can play are kiss the pecker (with her celeb crush), bachelorette scavenger hunt, ring hunt, and plenty more, just google it!
  9. Make a DIY photo booth: Have somewhere you all can strike a pose, look fierce or just be silly! You can get a cute metallic table cloth, hang it from a wall, and hang some metallic balloon letter from the top! Having props are a must too! We had this sign designed by Words and Confetti and we sent it to Walmart to get printed. We then pasted it to a poster board and cut out the hole with a box cutter! Time consuming, but simple and it looks amazing!
  10. Make a welcome bag for all the girls: Have a little welcome bag filled with everything you’d need to survive a wild bachelorette weekend getaway!
  11. Have a fun night out and put the stress away: I know I could’ve added this to number 5 but plan a night that y’all can just get out on the town, drink, dance and just HAVE FUN! There is always one person in the bridal party who has like 30 kids (I’m that person) who NEEDS a night out, or another person in the bridal party who works 60 hour work weeks, and just needs a break, or the bride who is just stressed TF out with all the wedding details, and deserves a break and a night to just put her worries away and have a blast!
  12. Don’t let the bride pay for ANYTHING: I’m guilty of trying to always stay within my family’s budget (even though my husband is like, do whatever, buy whatever, Maddie is like your sister, this only happens once), and try to be as frugal as possible, but remember this doesn’t happen every weekend, ENJOY YOURSELF AND TAKE CARE OF THR BRIDE. Repeat: Don’t let her pay for ANYTHING! Even if you can’t afford every single shot or every single $20 plate, come up with a game plan with the rest of the girls on who’s paying for what, and how it can be as affordable as possible for everyone!
  13. Lastly, have fun and take lots of pictures: These are memories you’ll never want to forget! Here are some pictures from Maddie’s Bachelorette weekend getaway….planned by Gabby (maid of honor), Stephanie (bridesmaid), myself (matron of honor) with help from her sister, sister in law, and friends!

And one last thing, you know your bridal squad is legit, when they end up on the news during your bachelorette party (video below)

Details of party:

Location//Madeira Beach, FL

Custom photo booth board// WordsandConfetti

Custom Taylor Swift Tanks// JeylaFashions

Custom “She said yes” banner// PartyGlamCreations

Custom Sash// MadisonandElm

Things we did in St.Pete, Madeira Beach

Places we ate at:

  • BRGR – amazing burgers!
  • Annata– I loved the mozz flatbread!
  • Dunkin Donuts (breakfast)
  • Sweet Brewnettes – I didn’t eat anything here, but everyone else’s food looked amazing!Hot Cocoa

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