What’s in my work Pump Bag

If you don’t know, I’m a working mama; Well part time. I work just 2 nights a week, so I can stay home with my babies, take them to school, play dates, yah dee yah dah. Those 2- 12 hours night shifts that I’m away from home, I’m sneaking away 3 times during the night to pump. This is my 2nd time pumping in the workplace, so I’m no stranger to the pumping rooms.

When I was pumping for Elias, I successfully pumped at work until he was 12 months, and nursed until he was 15 months. So far Joel is 8 months, and I plan on pumping at work until he is 1 year (if he’s sleeping completely through the night). During these 2 years of pumping, I’ve gone through my fair share of Pump bags, and items that go inside of it.

So if you’re a first time mom returning to work, or a veteran mom who just needs some ideas on what to pack, here is what’s going on in my work Pump Bag.

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Bag: Moss and Marsh Carry All Bag. I personally love this bag because of the size and how durable it is. I carry a lot of things to work, so having a bag big enough to accommodate all the things, AND durable enough to hold it all is really important to me. Also it’s washable!! This bag gets put on the floor, so being able to toss it in the washer when it gets dirty is a big plus! Not only do I use it for work, I also use it for trips to the pool, beach, or whenever we stay at a family member’s house all day long.

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Pump: Medela Freestyle/ or Medela Sonata. Read my review on these pumps here. and if you’re using one of these pumps, make sure you don’t forget your charger!

Bottles, Storage Bags, Cooler and Ice Pack: duh lol. Do I really need to explain why? Lol

Breast Pump Cleaning wipes: I use the Medela Wipes, because if I’m pressed for time on pumping, I just whip these wipes out, and it cleans my pump parts like how soap and water would.

Snack: I always pack a granola bar of some sort. Plus the oats are great for your milk supply!

Lactation smoothie: Sweetie Pie Organics makes the yummiest Lactation smoothie. What I love about it, it’s a great snack. When I’m at work, I always seem to be eating something, and usually it’s something unhealthy. So having these smoothies, it helps with those bad cravings. Read full review here (how it increased my milk supply in ONE DAY)

Book/Reading material: Something to read while you pump. Currently right now, I’m reading an E-Book called “Disciplining Toddlers”  written by Amy Lu. If you have a tricky little two year old, like I do, This is a must read!

Cell charger: I love to FaceTime my husband and kids while I’m pumping (if they’re still up) and FaceTime drains my battery. I read on multiple blogs, to bring a picture of your baby, but I just like to FaceTime them instead.

Bottle of water: You need to stay hydrated, especially when breastfeeding. So make sure you pack a water bottle in your bag! I like to bring my Teami Tumbler, because I love to infuse my water with fruit. It gives it a little taste, so I don’t get tired of drinking just plain ole’ water. Save 15% on your own with code ASEKY15

Little Tip: If you don’t have a hands free pumping bra- I highly recommend one. It does exactly what it says. It allows you to put both flanges through the holes, and pump hands free, so then you’re able to read, check Instagram, Facetime, or eat. If you don’t want to buy one, here is a little trick another pumping mama from work taught me. underneath your work clothes (I wear scrubs), wear a tight tank top and pull it all the way up so that way your belly is hanging out, and then stick your flanges on your boobs like you’d normally do but use your bra to hold the bottom and sides of it in place, and then pull your tank top down so its holding the top of the flanges in place. BAM, hands free pumping for $0!!! Only difference, it’s not as secure as a pumping bra, so just be careful when moving around.

Here is your FREE more in depth printable Checklist on what to pack (Click on image to print)! It’s great to keep on hand, just so you don’t forget to pack anything. I’ve made it to work and forgot to pack bottles. So having a checklist to quickly run through is always a good thing!

Pump Bag Checklist-2 PNG Or Click Here

Moss & Marsh Graciously provided the bag| But as ALWAYS all opinions are 100% me, or else I wouldn’t be using the bag every shift!


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