About Aseky


My name is Aseky Bonnaire (Ah-she-key Bow-nay-air) and I’m 26 years old. I am a follower of Christ, Wife to an amazing man and A mother to 3 handsome little boys and a little girl.
I am guilty of roaming the aisles of Target, bargain hunting with my hubby, stalking the baby bling website for new bows, and adventuring through Disney World.

I love: Donuts, coffee, Disney World, avocados, event planning, weddings, baby items, baby wearing, decorating, organizing, shopping, cruises, naps, being pregnant (RIP that part of my life), fruity pebbles, and oranges.

I don’t love: negative Nancy’s, a dirty house, laundry, waiting, seafood, or mushrooms.

I once worked nights at a Women and Baby hospital, but since giving birth to my 4th, we made the choice for me to stay home, raise my babies and blog full time. Being a working mom was hard, but running a household while finding me-time to blog has been just as hard, but here I am still doing it.

Fun fact: My Husband and I have been together since we were 15 and we have known each other since we were 11…talk about childhood sweetheart.

Thank you so much for visiting my page, hope you enjoy!

5 thoughts on “About Aseky”

  • Aseky,
    I have only known you for a very short time,I have to say,your commitment to your God,family,friends is so much a part of what not only makes you a great wife,mother,daughter,sister,auntie,friend,co-worker,but a wise person,who shares herself,with love,compassion,and wisdom. The life you have chosen would make most crazy,yet you make it look easy,and you do it with style. God certainly has a plan for you and your life.

  • Hi, I came across your blog not too long ago and I was hooked. So hooked that I almost read the everything on it on one night. You are an inspiration. I have been on the same journey, first time mom, trying to find a balance between work and parenting, and sharing my journey on my blog. I will soon have my website up and running and I will appreciate a shout out. Thanks. God bless you and your family.