Toddler Bed !

Our sweet little toddler is growing up, and it seems like he’s hitting some MAJOR milestones all within one month ( actually most of them within one week ) RJ loves his crib. He has never tried to climb out of it, never put up […]

Potty Training Days 1-3

Where to begin with this blog post, Where to begin with Potty Training…Where do I begin ? That was the question I asked myself over and over while attempting to begin to potty train RJ. The answer is simple…when he/she is ready, Whether it is […]

Another Mommy and Son(s) walk 

Today RJ and I went on another 3 mile walk around cranes roost park. This time it was kind of spur of the moment because it was rainy all day and I was actually out getting my eyebrows done with no intentions of going on […]

Mommy and Son(s) walk around cranes roost !!

Lately I’ve had an increase in energy, which is odd for me because I work nights and I’m lazy (just being honest) ! But the past month or so I’ve been doing little things here and there like taking the stairs at work (11 flights) […]

Toddler cold care necessities

  Recently my little two year caught a cold and we are fighting this cold like Mayweather and Pacquiao lol. Now I stay at home with RJ (our son) so when he catches a cold we always know where he got it from and from […]