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How I manage it all

Motherhood is hard. Being a wife is hard. Maintaining a house is hard. Being a (part time) working mom is hard. Being a blogger is hard. IT'S HARD! I often get asked "how do you do it?", "how do you always look so calm with everything going on?", "how do you do Room mom stuff,… Continue reading How I manage it all

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Tips for planning the ultimate bachelorette getaway

White dress, diamond ring, dancing, endless mimosas, beautiful decoration, celebration of love! You probably guessed wedding right? Nope! I’m talking about the bachelorette party, but for this day in age, it’s bachelorette weekend getaway! My best friend of 17.5 years is getting married y’all! As kids, we literally planned the day each of us would… Continue reading Tips for planning the ultimate bachelorette getaway