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How to strengthen your marriage

Now, I’m no marriage expert, but I’m a wife who loves her husband and who is equally loved by her husband, and has been through a lot with him over the course of 9 years. Like any marriage, we’ve had our good times and our bad. But I’m thankful to say, divorce never has been,… Continue reading How to strengthen your marriage


Mom Fail Monday

We've all had those moments, when we were honestly trying and just fail instead. Whether it was putting your glass of water in the bottle warmer instead of your child's bottle, or changing your baby's diaper and forgetting to put a diaper back on. We've all been there and some moments are more embarrassing than… Continue reading Mom Fail Monday

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Tips for planning the ultimate bachelorette getaway

White dress, diamond ring, dancing, endless mimosas, beautiful decoration, celebration of love! You probably guessed wedding right? Nope! I’m talking about the bachelorette party, but for this day in age, it’s bachelorette weekend getaway! My best friend of 17.5 years is getting married y’all! As kids, we literally planned the day each of us would… Continue reading Tips for planning the ultimate bachelorette getaway