Lets Collaborate

Hello!! Thank you for showing interest in potentially collaborating with me. I love collaborating with brands, that my readers would be interested in.

A few brands I’ve worked with and/or still are working with are…(updated 9/1/17)

DockATot, Joovy, Nuby, Lily Jade, FreshlyPicked, Lille Baby, Sophie Le Giraffe, Parasol, Tubby Todd Bath co., Lulu & Roo, Undercover MAMA, Mamabird, Pink Blush, Tobi, Jord, Nested Bean, Lollipop Baby Monitors, TWELVElittle, StuckonYou, Smile Brilliant, Yala, Grab Green, Coveredgoods, Teami, Skinny Coffee Club, Sweetie Pie Organics, Jac & Jae Designs, Moss & Marsh, The Vintage Honey Shop, Cat and Levi, and Prana Clothing


If you are interested in collaborating, Please fill out the form below so I can send you my media kit.

Note from Aseky: I love working and creating content with many brands. But I choose my collaborations very wisely. As much as I love trying out products, if it’s not a right fit for my blog and my readers/followers, I may turn down an offer. It’s nothing personal, but I want to have a successful partnership on both ends! I’m truly not in it for the freebies, I’m in it to share good quality items with my loyal followers, that I would HONESTLY use.

Thanks again, I look forward to working with you!