Lets Collaborate

Hello!! Thank you for showing interest in potentially collaborating with me. I love collaborating with brands, that my readers would be interested in.

A few brands I’ve worked with and/or still are working with are…

DockATot, Joovy, Nuby, Lily Jade, FreshlyPicked, Lille Baby, Sophie Le Giraffe, Parasol, Tubby Todd Bath co., Lulu & Roo, Undercover MAMA, Mamabird, Pink Blush, Tobi, Jord, Nested Bean, Lollipop Baby Monitors, TWELVElittle, StuckonYou, Smile Brilliant, Yala, Grab Green, Coveredgoods, Teami, Skinny Coffee Club, Sweetie Pie Organics, Jac & Jae Designs, Moss & Marsh, The Vintage Honey Shop, Cat and Levi, and Prana Clothing

If you are interested in collaborating, Please fill out the form below so we can work something out!

Note from Aseky: I love working and creating content with many brands. But I choose my collaborations very wisely. As much as I love trying out products, if it’s not a right fit for my blog and my readers/followers, I may turn down an offer. It’s nothing personal, but I want to have a successful partnership on both ends! I’m truly not in it for the freebies, I’m in it to share good quality items with my loyal followers, that I would HONESTLY use.

Thanks again, I look forward to working with you!