Bandana Bib & Pacifier Holder

Joel is a brand Rep for Moss and Marsh They were so gracious to send us several items for baby Joel, including this super cute bandana bib and pacifier holder. We love that it’s stylish, but functional. It stops all the drool from soaking his shirts, […]

Top 11 Baby Items 0-3 months

Top 11 Baby Items 0-3 months

Hi Everyone, Hope you are all having a great week, and an even better start to the weekend. So today I’m talking baby products, I’ve been asked quite often what are my favorite baby products and why. So I’ve combined all my must have items […]

How to build a “Milk stash”

How to build a “Milk stash”

(Tip: lay your breast milk storage bags flat when freezing, and group them in ziplock bags by date and how many ounces per bag to keep it all organized) So this blog post is WAYYYYY over due! Let me start off by saying, this is […]

How to make/take monthly baby photos

So I’ve been asked how I did Elias’ monthly update. I used a blank wall in my house that had really good lighting(usually around 4pm my living room is lit perfectly) and my husband will snap a million pics of us, all while my oldest […]

The birth story of our surprise baby

The birth story of our surprise baby

Okay so we have said this story AT LEAST 15 times, so I’m sure we missed a few parts and what not so here it goes, the full detailed story of Joél’s birth. Starting Monday night (12/12/2016) around 11 pm while my husband and I […]

6 Month Update !

I am writing this super late (like so late, he’s turning 7 months tomorrow late…oops) better late than never 🙂   Weight: 17.8lbs Length: 27 inches You Love: sitting, laughing with your big brother RJ, smiling at Daddy, eating bananas You dislike: being hungry, being […]

Elias Rey is 5 months

Where the heck does time freaking go ? I can’t believe it’s been 5 months since I pushed this baby out ! Well Elias you are 5 months old and such a good baby. The only times you fuss is when you’re hungry or sleepy […]

Elias Rey is 4 months !

My sweet little chunker is 4 months. in this past month you have really become what I like to call “an easy baby”. You are sleeping so well now. You go to bed around 10pm and wake up at 3/4am, nurse and go right back […]

Elias Rey is 3 Months

My happy baby, you are 3 months old. In this month you went to Disney World for the first time, You gained another pound or so, you haven’t had ANY doctor’s appointments nor have you gotten sick even though Your daddy, your big brother AND […]

Elias Rey is 2 months !

My sweet little boy, you are two months old and such a happy baby. In this month you have had an ultrasound done on your tummy to figure out what’s causing your reflux. But also within this month you have gotten much better, still spitting […]