20 weeks

How far along: 20 weeks

Gender: a Boy !!! ???

Cravings: Oranges and The Aseky Deluxe salad (romain lettuce and spinach leaves topped with eggs, cheese, cherry tomatoes, shredded carrots and ranch dressing)

Aversions: still not liking rice, beans with chicken.

Stretch Marks: None so far with this pregnancy, I do have some on my hips and breasts from when I was pregnant with RJ though.

Mood: I’ve been in a good mood this past week. Now that I know the gender of our baby, I feel somewhat at ease and ready to prepare for his arrival.

Total Weight gain: I now weigh 124lbs so starting at 118 that’s a whopping total of 6 pounds gained. I need to look up how much I gained with RJ at this point in pregnancy.

Maternity clothes: yes and no ! I technically don’t need it at all…other than unbuttoning my pants ? but I bought a lot of cute maternity clothes from H&M for dirt cheap…so I’m rocking it with my itty bitty bump. I also use the belly band so I can comfortably wear my regular jeans without worrying about them falling because they’re unbuttoned.

Sleep: ummmmm I sleep okay, I wake up several times during the night (having to pee, switch positions, pick up my fallen pillows, wake my husband up to every noise I hear, etc). Lately I’ve been having BAD left hip pain…I think it’s from sleeping on my sides too much, or maybe we just need a new mattress (throwing hints at my husband if he’s reading this ??). I also nap with my son everyday for two hours so that compensates for waking up during the night.

Miss anything: In no way shape or form was I a heavy drinker or drank regularly …but a nice cold budlight in my favorite beer glass, relaxing on the beach or out cruising sounds so refreshing/relaxing right now…reminds me of my honeymoon ???

Milestones: I can see our little baby boy squirm around now. I’ve been able to for about two weeks now but every time I see him moving I’m amazed like its the first time ☺️



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