4 Things To do At Georgia Aquarium

While Georgia Aquarium hosted me and my family during our visit, all views and opinions below are my own.


If you find yourself in Atlanta, Georgia, and are in search of a captivating and educational family experience, look no further than Georgia Aquarium. Known for being the largest aquarium in the Western Hemisphere and easily one of the most impressive aquariums in the world, this aquatic wonderland offers a plethora of exciting activities and exhibits for visitors of all ages – you can easily spend your entire day here. In this blog post, we will explore some of the must-see attractions and things to do at Georgia Aquarium, ensuring you make the most of your visit.


  • Have an Animal Encounter: The Georgia Aquarium offers so many exhibits that you can easily get lost in the wonder and not even realize there are opportunities for hands-on, up-close-and-personal animal encounter experiences. I’m going to start off with two that we participated in.
    1. Shark & ray Interaction:We all suited up and got inthe water with some beautiful (and friendly) sharksand rays. Not only did we get to sit down while sharks literally swam across our laps, but we learned about the sharks, their environment, and conservation efforts so we can be their advocates. Some things to note for this interaction, the minimum participant age is 7 years old and they must be 48″ or taller. If under 15 years old, an adult must be in the water as well (1 adult per 3 children). The aquarium provides wet suits, water shoes, lockers, changing rooms, and showers for the experience.
    2. Sea Lion Encounter:This was probably our favoritebecause the sea lions were so stinking cute. Somehow,they reminded me of my dogs (but smarter lol). With their unique Sea Lion Encounter, you can go behind the scenes and interact with these charismatic animals. Over the course of 30 minutes, you’ll enjoy an exclusive tour of the California sea lion facility and a special educational presentation on the sea lions, then participate in an exciting sea lion training session alongside Georgia Aquarium’s own animal trainers.

Other Encounters That the Aquarium offers…

  1. Dolphin Encounter:
  2. Penguin Encounter
  3. Harbor Seal Encounter
  4. Beluga Encounter
  5. Sea Otter Encounter


  • See Immersive Shows: Georgia Aquarium offers an captivating shows that cater to visitors of all ages, providing a truly immersive and educational experience.
    • One of the most popular shows is Dolphin in Depth.This awe-inspiring presentation features skilled trainers and their playful dolphin companions, showcasing their intelligence, agility, and bond. You will see thrilling leaps, flips, and synchronized performances that will have you in awe. The dolphin presentation also emphasizes the importance of conservation efforts to protect dolphins and their natural habitats. This show is included with your admission, but you must make a reservation for it the day of your visit and you have the option to purchase priority seating for $5 – but honestly everywhere is a good view. Note: first 10 rows are a splash zone
    • For those seeking a glimpse into the underwater world of sea lions, the Under the Boardwalk show is must-see. With a fun beach-themed backdrop, the sea lions charm the audience with their humorous antics and impressive tricks. This fun performance educates us about the significance of marine conservation and highlights the vital role sea lions play in maintaining the marine ecosystem. This show is also included with your admission, but a reservation is required. This was the kids’ favorite show


  • Visit all the galleries:
    • Ocean Voyager: Prepare to be blown away as you step into the Ocean Voyager exhibit, one of the largest indoor aquatic habitats in the world. Enclosed in a breathtaking 6.3-million-gallon tank with an acrylic wall more than 2 feet thick, this exhibit hosts a variety of marine species, including gentle giants like whale sharks, graceful manta rays, and schools of vibrant fish. Walk through the iconic underwater tunnel and feel like you’re surrounded by the oceans’ majestic creatures. Don’t forget to catch the daily feedings and presentations to learn more about these magnificent animals and the efforts to protect their habitats
    • Cold Water Quest: Venture into the Cold Water Quest exhibit to encounter some of the world’s most resilient marine species. Spend time watching the playful antics of sea otters, observing the captivating beluga whalesas they glide gracefully through the water, and meeting the adorable African penguins. This exhibit offers a unique opportunity to understand the diverse ecosystems of colder ocean regions and the challenges they face due to climate change and other environmental factors.
    • Tropical Diver:Step into the Tropical Diver exhibit and be transported to the vibrant and biodiverse reefs of the Indo-Pacific region. This exhibit showcases the delicate beauty of coral reefs and the fascinating creatures that call them home. Be mesmerized by the vibrant colors of exotic fish, graceful seahorses, and camouflaging octopuses. Learn about the crucial role these coral reefs play in marine ecosystems and the efforts being made to protect them from the threats of climate change and pollution.
    • Dolphin Coast:Cruise on over to Georgia Aquarium’s captivating coast, Dolphin Coast. This gallery features the Aquarium’s own pod of common bottlenose dolphins. You can admire the dolphins in both the Dolphin Coast lobby, as well as in the dolphin theater for the Dolphin In Depth show like we did!
    • SHARKS! Predators of the Deep:Georgia Aquarium’s newest gallery, Sharks! Predators of the Deep, is one of the largest and most dynamic shark exhibits in North America. Home to some of the most recognizable apex predators in the ocean, this exciting new gallery experience brings you face to face with the most enigmatic and misunderstood creatures in the sea.
    • River Scout:The River Scout gallery features river creatures including alligator snapping turtles, archerfish, and Asian small-clawed otters. Kids can even get up close (safely!) with piranhas to see the razor-sharp teeth of these voracious predators. You’ll leave this area with a greater appreciation for freshwater environments everywhere.



  • Participate in Behind-the-Scenes Tours:For those seeking a deeper understanding of Georgia Aquarium’s conservation efforts and animal care practices, behind-the-scenes tours are a must. These guided tours take you backstage to see the state-of-the-art animal care facilities, learn about the aquarium’s rescue and rehabilitation programs, and interact with experts who dedicate their lives to marine conservation. It’s an enlightening experience that reveals the dedication and passion that goes into caring for the aquarium’s diverse inhabitants.

    A visit to Georgia Aquarium is an enriching and transformative experience that transcends the traditional notion of “a day at the museum.” It provides an immersive journey into the depths of our oceans, where you can connect with marine life on a personal level. Georgia Aquarium serves as a reminder of our collective responsibility to protect the planet and the incredible creatures that call it home. Georgia Aquarium is constantly growing, adding new exhibits and encounters every few years so you can have a new experience every time you visit. So whether you’re a local or a visitor from afar, add Georgia Aquarium to your itinerary and allow yourself to be captivated by the beauty and importance of the world’s marine treasures.

    Find out more about Georgia Aquarium and purchase tickets here: www.georgiaaquarium.org.