A stress-free morning routine: with preschoolers and baby

Now that preschool is back in session, our morning routines have changed quite a bit. We use to all sleep in until 10am, and just lounge around the house, go to the park, roam target, run through splash pads, basically whatever we were up for. Now that preschool is back in session, not only for RJ but Elias too, our mornings are a bit crazy! But somehow we all manage and we don’t tear each other’s heads off haha. Here is a little schedule of how our mornings go, and how I manage to keep it as stress free as possible.

The Schedule:

  • First things first, Coffee! I like to wake up about 30 minutes before the kids, so I can mentally prepare myself for the day, enjoy my coffee while it’s hot, because I can’t tell you how many times I’ve microwaved my coffee 2-3 times before we run out the door. So I make it a point to wake up before them to enjoy my coffee.
  • While my coffee is brewing, I take my Slice of Life Organics Energy + B12 Vitamin. It contains 100% of the Daily Value of Vitamin B6 and Folic Acid, and if you don’t know, B12 along with folic acid and B6, form a potent supplement to support heart and circulatory health as well as energy metabolism. Also Folic Acid is great when you’re planning to become pregnant. It reduces the risk for neural tube defects in the baby, and conditions such as Spina Bifieda occur in the early weeks of pregnancy, even before you realize you’re pregnant. So as a fertile woman (who doesn’t plan on another baby for at least another year or two), there is no such thing as being too safe, plus the gummies taste so good!
  • While sipping on my hot coffee, I check the weather. Although the forcast here in Florida is just hot, I like to know if it’s going to rain, so I know to pack RJ’s raincoat and the kid’s umbrellas, or if I should look cute or not. lol
  • After checking the weather, I get dressed and put my makeup on. I don’t ever do a full face, but you know some BB cream, Concealer, and mascara. And you’ll be surprised how just getting dressed and putting makeup can make you feel. Once I’m all dressed, I feel like a brand new woman, ready to tackle preschool drop off with three kids in tow.
  • After doing that, I go to the kitchen and Get the kid’s oatmeal going. That way, when they wake up, it’s no longer hot and they can eat it immediately (and yall know Elias doesn’t play about his oatmeal haha).
  • After all that is done, I get the kids up and ready. By this point, I’m very up and cheery. Having a positive and calm attitude in the morning make a huge difference with the kids. They wake up in a good mood and ready to take on the day. I have my oldest go straight to the restroom, to do his business and brush his teeth. While he’s doing that, I’m changing my middle child’s diaper, and putting his clothes on. I lay out my oldest child’s clothes on his bed, and when he’s done in the bathroom, he gets dressed, and I brush the middle child’s teeth. Once we are all done in the bathroom and RJ is dressed, we make our way to the kitchen.
  • Next is Breakfast; RJ feeds himself, and I feed Elias and Joel at the same time. Joel really doesn’t need to eat breakfast at this time, but he’s so greedy, and will scream at me and bang on his highchair until I feed him.
  • After they have their breakfast, I give them their complete multi vitamin gummy from Yummy Bear Organics. Sometimes with all the craziness the mornings can bring, as parents, we forget about making sure those vitamins are taken everyday. But these gummies taste so good, My kids NEVER forget to take them. As soon as they’re done eating their breakfast “Gummies please mommy”. What I love about these gummies is that they’re 100% Organic, non GMO, and nothing artificial was added to them. They’re also dairy, gluten, peanut/tree nut and gelatin free! Each gummy is jam packed with 16 essential nutrients for a child’s growth and development. If you want to purchase some for your little one Click Here to find a store near you, or you can order through Amazon.com or Costco.com
  • After Breakfast, they watch a little bit of cartoons while I nurse the baby and load the car with their backpacks, and Lunch boxes, for lunchbox Meal Ideas, click here or Here
  • Right when baby’s tummy is full and diaper is changed, we head to the garage to put our shoes on, get in the car and head to preschool.

Some tips to make your mornings less stressful:

  1. Pack their lunches the night before– saves you SO MUCH time in the mornings. Once you do it, you’ll thank me and wonder why this wasn’t done before.
  2. Wake up before the kids– You get that one on one me time. and Your mornings will go so much smoother!
  3. Make their breakfast before they wake up– That way it had time to cool off.
  4. Have their clothes picked out the night before– Another time saver. You’re not scrambling around the house trying to find an outfit, or last minute trying to iron a t-shirt that got left in the dyer for a few days.
  5. Put them to bed early– An overtired kid is the foundation for a rough morning.
  6. Give them their morning treat(vitamin gummies)– Whenever Elias (my middle child) wakes up grumpy, eating his daily vitamin always puts him in a good mood! Read more below ⬇️

Make sure you adopt multi vitamins into your daily morning routine. Having a picky toddler, their diet is not always the best. So ensuring they’re getting some key nutrients from their vitamins give this mama some peace of mind. Keep vitamins in a visible spot, so just for those crazy mornings, you don’t ever forget to take them. I like to keep mine in the same cabinet that we keep the boy’s bowls, so when I grab a bowl for their oatmeal, it’s right there! (The boys always remind me anyways)


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