Beach Day: Family of 5

This past weekend, we took a family day trip to our favorite beach, Clearwater Beach. It’s located on Florida’s Golf Coast. It’s about 35 minutes south of Tampa Bay, and 2 hours west of Orlando.

The 2 hour drive there was torture, only because we moved all three kids to the same row in the car. So Elias (my middle child) was messing with RJ (my oldest) for 80% of the ride. I seriously broke up 8 fights on the way there.

Once we got there, we got Parking in the Hyatt Clearwater Hotel garage which was $5 an hour. Not bad at all, especially since last time we were there it was flat rate $40 no matter if you’re there for 1 hour or 12.

We brought a foldable wagon and loaded it up with all our stuff and 1 kid. Walking from the parking garage to the beach, we put Joel in our Tula baby carrier, RJ held my hand and Elias was in the wagon.

For a full downloadable/printable checklist on what to really bring to the beach for a family of 5, Click Here.

Once we made it to the beach, we set up our beach tent and lathered the kids up on sunscreen, and ran off into the water. After hours on endless fun in the ocean, Joel fell asleep right in Daddy’s arms. While Joel snoozed away, the older kids played with their beach toys.

After several hours, we began to clean up to head back home. It took about 20 minutes to take the tent down, and load the wagon back up. Before leaving the beach, we rinsed off in the showers. And once we made it to the car, we put diapers back on Elias and Joel and got them all dressed in normal clothes. Overall, it was such a great day, the kids had a blast, no one got hurt, and no one got burned. Plus, they took an amazing nap in the car. Nice quiet car ride for mom and dad.

I just realized we didn’t get any pics of the kids in the water, because I couldn’t bring my phone out in the water, and my husband didn’t want to leave all our belongings unattended to come take a pic.But here are some pics of our Beach Day!

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Instagram Story video of our beach trip 7/15/2017 ⬇️

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Beach Day- Packing List (1)

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