Brought our Pumpkins to the Pumpkin Patch

Saturday we took the boys to the pumpkin patch for the first time ever! We’ve gone to Green Meadows during Halloween time, but it wasn’t a real pumpkin patch.

So to be honest, we didn’t know what to expect nor what to bring. But I did know I needed a red wagon, so thank you to my dear friend for letting me borrow her wagon!!

We went to Lake Catherine Blueberries Pumpkin Patch. If you live in Orlando Florida, it’s located in Groveland. Which is near Clermont, AKA the boondocks. I mean it’s country out there! There would be miles that we didn’t see anything! Thankfully the boys napped the entire way there, or else that car ride would’ve been torture. The weather was actually really nice, considering we’ve been having 90 degree weather with 90% humidity.

Once we got there, we instantly smelt the food. They had Mexican Street Tacos for $1.50! So we ordered like 20, okay I’m exaggerating, it was like 10 haha. They have a full service bar, and being the Basic B that I am, I ordered a Pumpkin Float, and it was mixed with rum, pumpkin spice coffee creamer, coke and something else, but it was Good!! couldn’t even taste the alcohol.

We let the boys play on the playground and act like fools in hay. And while my husband watched them, I sneaked away to snap some pictures of Joel. While I was taking pictures, a random person came up to me and was like “here, I can take some pics of you and your baby! Moms are never in pictures” SO SWEET, and SO TRUE!!

Afterwards we let the kids go on a tractor ride around the entire farm, and the tractor was driven by a 10 year old. And to be honest, he drives better than most adults around here.

We had a really good time, and will definitely be going back every year! Here are some pictures of our bunch at the pumpkin patch. And at the very bottom, I share all the details of my fall outfit from PinkBlush!!

My outfit details:



Purse//Lily Jade

I am LOVING this burgundy top from Pink Blush! It’s perfect for all the fall time activities you may have planned. It’s long enough to be worn with just leggings, or with some light khakis. I decided to dress it down, with some simple pearl earrings, no necklace, light khakis, and my favorite brown gladiator sandals with my hair French braided back into a pony. My top can be worn for fun at the pumpkin patch or for a nice evening out with your hubby. And let’s say you’re pregnant, there is room for growth. In the next year or two, we plan on conceiving our 4th and final child, and almost all of Pink Blush’s clothes can be worn for pregnancy and postpartum. So when I’m pregnant again, al my outfits from PinkBlush can be worn still!

Outfit was provided by PinkBlush|as always, all opinions are 100% me! Or else I wouldn’t be seen in public with it!

Photo cred: me! I took them all! And I’m pretty dang proud.

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