Elias’ Sophie Giraffe Birthday Party

Our sweet Elias Rey is two years old!

I still can’t believe 2 years ago I was waddling around so excited for his arrival. His full birth story here.

Within these 2 years, Elias has changed from a teeny tiny little 6 pound babe to a 26 pound rambunctious toddler. This August he starts preschool with his big brother, and he is so ready. His favorite food is anything sweet and not healthy ????????

He loves to play outside and get dirty. He thoroughly enjoys fighting his older brother and then giving him hugs immediately afterwards. His favorite shows are Team Umizoomi and Little Einsteins. Those two shows are sooo old and not that popular that it’s near impossible to find party supplies for it. So another thing Elias loves, are animals. So we are beyond gracious for Sophie Giraffe to send us all the necessary items for the ultimate Sophie Giraffe birthday party.

Within the party box, it came with cups, napkins, plates, cupcake toppers, cupcake molds, a cake topper, 2 happy birthday banners, 6 balloons, invitations with envelopes and paper straws. And all of that was $25!!!


  • I got the adorable white and sprinkled cupcakes from Sam’s Club. 30 cupcakes for $15!
  • The cake on the table was made from scratch, and it seriously stressed me out so much. The night before, I was making it and it literally fell apart on me. I cried, while I was crying, I was eating the pieces that fell off, which made me feel better, because cake makes anyone feel better. So the next day I had no time to make a new one, so I did what I could to save it and as I’m icing it, it’s crumbling even more. When I was done with it, my husband said that it has the rustic Pinterest look that people pay for….I still think he was saying it to make me feel better. But oh well, it is what it is.
  • The star rice crispy treats were made last minute as well. All that was needed to make it was…
  1. Rice Crispy Cereal
  2. Marshmallow
  3. Butter
  4. Pot to melt it all in
  5. A Start shaped cookie cutter
  • As for the goodie bags, I’m not crazy about boat loads of candy in them because my kids are cavity prone so I wanted something healthy in them. Within the goodie bags were….
  1. Package of Teddy Grahams
  2. Fruit Snacks
  3. 2 bubbles

I wrapped the goodies in tan tissue paper and slid them inside the clear goodie bag. Tied them up with a burlap string, and attached my handmade (I made it on my computer from scratch) thank you tags.

side note: if you want a tutorial on my tags, leave a comment below and I’ll make a separate blog post (probably VLOG) on how to make them and how you can save so much money versus getting it off Etsy!

Elias had such a great time celebrating with our close family and friends. This party was sooo stress free and simple. I didn’t dish out tons of money for 2 hours of entertainment. The kids played in the playroom and outside doing water activities before the rain started.

As for food (I didn’t take a picture because people ate it as fast as I could blink ?) we had yellow rice and brown rice, fried chicken, and macaroni salad. Apple slices and strawberries with my famous Marshmellow and Cream cheese dip.

Drinks, Coke, Ginger Ale, and beer for the adults, and Capri Sun and Water for the kids.
When I say stress free I mean STRESS FREE. I didn’t have a ton of cleaning to do afterwards, it was great. Elias had an awesome time and loved all his gifts!

This Post was Sponsored by Sophie The Giraffe

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