How To Prepare Siblings For a New Baby

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Being a 4th time prego, getting little ones ready for the arrival of a new baby is nothing new to me. Making them feel special prior to the arrival of their new sibling, is a major priority to me, mostly because this is a life changing event for all of us. It’s hard being little, and it’s hard being little and now having to share mommy and daddy with this new little crying babe. So here are my tips for preparing your little ones to a new upcoming arrival.

  1. Keep them involved: Keeping them involved in everything is a major key to it all. When we went to buybuyBABY to register for our shower, we brought them with us. As much as I wanted to leave them behind so it would be stress free, we decided to bring them. It actually went really well. The boys were able to pick out a few items and scan it themselves. They were running around the store getting excited about all the baby stuff we could potentially get. Also when it came time to do the nursery, they were in there with us when we were setting things up. They loved giving daddy an extra hand, and plus they’ll be able to tell baby sister that they helped set up her crib (even though they were no help at all lol). Even when it came time to wash all her clothes, they loved helping me with that. I made sure I said “aren’t you excited to see baby sister wearing this?” or “awwww look how little this is!” They LOVED IT ALL!
    look at Elias hahah
  2. Let them buy a present for the new baby: This one I had to chime in, because some of the presents they were trying to get were more for them. So we went to our favorite store buybuy BABY and I guided them to the baby clothes section, and they ended up choosing a ‘Little Sister” footie! Almost everyday RJ and Elias mention the footie and how excited they are to see baby sister wearing it.
    They picked out this footie all by themselves
  3. Buy them a gift “from baby sister”: This one is my favorite. When they are little, and their minds are pretty innocent, it’s fun to say “You little brother/sister bought this for you”. As terrible as it sounds, but it’s kind of like a peace offering from the baby lol. But we ended up ordering the boys some gifts that they would love from buybuy BABY and had it delivered to our house where we were able to just keep it in the box so they would never see. As my delivery date inches closer, we will wrap them up and keep it in our closet. Whenever we come home from the hospital, we will then give it to them. That way they can play with their new toys peacefully while we get situated the first couple of hours at home. We got Joel a cleanings kit from Melissa & Doug LINK HERE, Elias his very own medical kit LINK HERE, RJ a Melissa & Doug responsibility chart LINK HERE and a book the boys (RJ) can read to their baby sister every night  
  4. Let them practice being gentle with a baby doll: The boys NEVER EVER play with baby dolls, because c’mon we have 3 boys in the house and no girls, so they never see them. But we thought it would be so sweet to get one baby doll that we can pretend is baby sister. They can practices  gentle hands with the baby. RJ can practice how to hold baby (under my supervision while sitting of course) and they can just start loving the idea of a baby girl! We got them a Wee Baby Stella doll (you can purchase at your local buybuy BABY) that while we are on baby watch, theycan play with. and once shes here it will then become Laila’s doll. We chose this particular doll because it’s super soft, perfect for rough boys lol, but perfect for Laila’s first baby doll. Baby dolls are perfect for building empathy skills, and help them foster nurturing. The sweet Wee Baby Stella doll comes dressed, and with a magnetic pacifier so it’ll never go missing! 
  5. Just talking to them on what to expect: My oldest is so used to this, but my 2nd child was only 18 months old when my 3rd was born so he doesn’t remember anything nor could I really talk to him about it. But talking to them about what to expect, as in lots of crying, mommy not being to play rough, mommy and daddy being really tired, not going to Disney world for awhile but then sharing the positives of it all as well, so they don’t think it’s the ned of the world. A few positives I plan on sharing is that in a month or so, you can cuddle on mommy again, we can ride the “goofy rollercoaster” together again, etc. So in the meantime, we’ve been doing as many Disney trips as we can until baby girl comes! 

So those are my 5 tips for preparing older siblings for a new baby. At the end of the day, they will adjust whether you “prepare” them or not. But I found it was a smoother transition for everybody when we spent the last trimester of my pregnancy preparing them. If you gave any additional tips or ideas, please leave a comment below!

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