Laila’s Spring Closet Refresh

If you missed the breaking news from last week, the Bonnaire Family is packing up and MOVNG!!! Never in a zillion years did I think we’d sell our house, but we finally did it. But the big move is happening next week!!! With all this chaos that’s been thriving in our lives for the last 3 weeks, I got carried away while packing and packed up too much of Laila’s wardrobe including most of her spring clothes! Apart of me wants to climb into the pod, dig for the bin labeled “Laila’s closet” and open it up to bring out her adorable spring clothes, but the other part of me is like “ASEKY, do you know how many boxes are stacked on top of that?! Just add a couple cute spring outfits to your Walmart order and call it a day”. So I added a couple adorable and affordable spring outfits to my Walmart order and called it a day!! But YALLLLLL they are so cute!! 

Pause: let me back track for a second. I know you’re wondering how  ordered her outfit and received it same day. I was able to order more moving supplies, tonight’s dinner, and some cute toddler outfits and have it delivered for FREE, same day-All of this because we are Walmart+ members. So if you know my husband, you know he loves being a member of anything you can be a member of. So when we became a Walmart+ member, I  was like “oh gosh, what now Renaldo?!” And now o can’t live without it. We can order our groceries, get lawn supplies, or a pack of socks (so random I know), all without leaving the house. Sounds like a win-win to me. To sign up for Walmart+ and start saving time and money today, CLICK HERE. 

But here are the links to Laila’s 3 new spring outfits! 



This post was sponsored by Walmart but all thoughts and opinions are my own!