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I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to own all three of Medela’s top rated double electric pumps. I’ve come up with a pros and cons list of each pump, so you’re able to decide which pump is a better fit for you.

Medela Pump in Style– Advance

  • Retails for $299.99
  • Covered by Insurance
  • Designed for moms who need to pump several times a day


  • Comes with either a backpack (as pictured above), Tote bag or messenger bag
  • Battery adaptor option (uses 8 AA batteries)
  • 2-phase technology expression technology with one touch let down button.
  • Very Efficient
  • Portable (but still needs to be plugged in)


  • Not a true battery operated pump
  • Bulky (9 lbs)
  • Louder than the other 3
  • No timer
  • Cant really tell what speed/Suction level you’re on. Just a knob.

I used this pump with my middle child for 12 months, and it worked great. I got it for free from my insurance company so I had no complaints about that. Only thing that was inconvenient, was when we were out on the road and needing to pump. We’d have to either look for a plug somewhere or use the battery pouch thing, and half the time my batteries were dead. But when I listed the cons, they truly aren’t that big of a deal. I loooove the pump, and in no way am I trying to bash it, but those are the cons in comparison to the other two pumps.

Overall I really liked the pump, but I’ve moved on to better.

-Here is the FAQ page for the Pump In Style Advance.

Medela Freestyle

  • Retails for $379.99
  • Partially covered/Fully covered by insurance (depending on plan)
  • Designed for moms who pump several times a day, and on the go!


  • 9 Different suction levels
  • 2 Phase Technology
  • Light weight. I believe it’s less than a pound!
  • Fits perfectly in my diaper bag taking little to no room.
  • Comes with a tote bag
  • Legit portable/Battery Operated (built in battery)
    • A real battery operated pump. With a full battery, it has 3 hours of pump time
    • It has a belt clip, so I’m able to walk around not holding it.
  • Very efficient . Even though its not plugged into the wall, the suction on it is still amazing
  • Seperation membrane between milk collection chamber and tubing
    • less likely to have milk get in the tubing
    • no need to run the pump for additional time after pumping
  • Heavy duty
    • I’ve dropped this thing countless times
  • LED Display, so youre able to pump in the middle of the night with just the screen light
  • On the screen it displays a timer, what suction level you’re at and battery life


  • Expensive, if purchasing independently
  • Like any pump, If not assembled correctly, it will not operate fully.

I got this pump with my third son, and I don’t know about you, but I’m a very active mama to three boys, so I never have a chance to just sit down and pump. This pump keeps up with my busy lifestyle. I clip it to my waist, and do the dishes, sweep the floors, shoooot I even check the mail lol.

-Here is  the FAQ for the Freestyle.

Medela Sonata

  • Retails for $399.99
  • Partially covered by insurance/ fully covered by insurance (depending on plan)
  • Designed for moms who pump several times a day and on the go!


  • Quiet
  • 2 Phase technology
  • 2 different pump rhythm settings
  • Either a timer or a countdown
  • Led Display
  • Connects to MyMedela Mobile App via Bluetooth
    • The app allows you to keep track of pump sessions
    • send you reminders to pump
  • Very efficient. Plugged into the wall or not, the suction is fantastic.
  • Stylish, and sleek looking
  • Super cute purse to tote it around in
  • Battery operated (Built in battery)
  • Inspired by the Medela Symphony (hospital grade pump)
  • Notifies you if there is an air leak within the pump pieces


  • Heavy-Ish. 2.2 Lbs
  • Kind of bulky
    • Definitely could not fit in a diaper bag, along with everything else that chills in there.
  • Not that portable. You wouldn’t be walking around the house with it and pumping. This is more of an item you’d sit down and pump with.

I also got this pump with my third son, but for free. I was chosen by Medela, to be a product tester. They sent me this pump along with a ton of Medela breastfeeding supplies at no charge just for an honest survey at the end of my trial period.

-Here is the link to their FAQ page for the Sonata.

Here is actual video footage of the three pumps on, so you can see how loud they are in comparison with each other.

Ultimately, the decision is 100% up to you. What fits your lifestyle, budget and needs. If you have ANY questions about these pumps, Feel free to comment below.


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