Orlando city soccer game !

Sunday March 8th,2015 was The City of Orlando’s first ever MLS game !

I am so blessed to work for Orlando Health (which is also the official medical team for the Orlando City Soccer team, and sponser) because they bought all 2,000+ employees Jerseys. Unfortunately for us females we have to wait until July to receive them because they’re on back order. Doesn’t really matter to me anyways because I ordered a small and doubt it would fit me right now.

Anyways Renaldo’s dad graciously bought us tickets to the big game. Originally I was not going to go but my hubby and mom persuaded me to witness history for Orlando.


Outside view of the citrus bowl


My hubby and I


My husband and his brother.


The boys. Renaldo’s dad, Renaldo and his brother.



Escalator selfies


The singing of the national anthem.


Tie game. 1-1 !!!


Renaldo and I (I cropped our bodies out because between the way I’m posing and the shadows I look like a whale)



This boy was wild !! Lol

But needless to say we had a lot of fun and I’m so blessed to have been there to support my city ! We are already looking into tickets for the next game so RJ can come root out team on.

XO-mommy B

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