Our Big News!

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Thank you for watching the video! So yes, it’s true, Renaldo will be leaving his company after 5 years, and taking on a senior role at a different company.

Today I drove with to him to work (not because I wanted to, but because he lost his car keys lol), and when he was getting out of the car, I got extremely emotional. Back when Renaldo and I only had one car, I use to drive him to work when I needed the car. RJ was just a baby, and we’d drop him off and watch him walk off into the beautiful 6 story building. So taking him to work today, reminded me of when he first started working at AON. Throughout these 5 years, we’ve had 3 kids, moved out to our first place, got married, bought our first house, had like 6 cars, went to company picnics, company Halloween parties, and much more. Not only has Renaldo grown attached to AON, I did too. I became emotionally invested with this place and the people there. I’m Facebook friends with his co-workers and managers! So needless to say, this promotion/change in company is such a blessing, and an AMAZING opportunity for Renaldo and our family, it’s also very hard on all of us. Being somewhere for 5 years and being comfortable, to leaving and starting fresh somewhere else is scary! But no doubt, Renaldo is making the right choice for his career advancement and our family.

I’m so proud of him, and everything he’s accomplished in the last 5 years. Not many 25 year olds can say they’re in his position, AND with 30 kids at home lol. But he can! He always kept God first, and gave God all the credit. He always makes sure as a family we tithe, and remain humble and fruitful with what we have. You’ll never hear of him bragging about what we have nor his accomplishments.

He’s such a great man and we (myself + the kids) are so thankful to have him in our life.

Here are some pics of Renaldo throughout the years at AON.

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When he came home from his interview with AON. September 2012
Just got off work, and came right back to the hospital to see his first born!

His Company’s Halloween party!
His birthday last year!
Going out for lunch on his last day!

And here we are today, September 19th on his last day, concluding this chapter in his life.img_8160 


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