Rainy Day Activities for Children

I’m sure on Pinterest, you can find countless articles about rainy day activities for children!

Well, a lot of them sound like so much fun. But I’m going to keep it 100% real and share what we REALLY do. These activities are perfect for moms who work from home. Moms who aren’t REALLY the creative and playing type. Or moms who play for 2 hours, but the clock really says 20 minutes haha. What’s great about these activities, it doesn’t involve sitting them in front of a TV. As much as the TV babysits for me when I need to get my ish done, I tend to feel bad after 3 episodes of Little Einstein’s.

Rainy Day Activities the kids ACTUALLY do:

  1. Build a Fort: This one is a lot of fun because all you have to do is help them build it, and play in it with them for 20-30 minutes. Get their imagination going, and the rest is up to them. Once they get going, they’re good for a solid 1-2 hours.
  2. Puzzles: My kids LOVE puzzles. RJ has a puzzle that was gifted to him for his birthday that’s a map of the United States. He’s done it so much he knows exactly where each state is located (by the shape not the name, but were working on the names). He also loves traditional jigsaw puzzles as well. As for my 2 year old, he’s not the greatest at jigsaw puzzles, what 2 year old is? But he loves this one. This puzzle I do have to do with him, but it keeps him entertained and sitting still for at least 30 minutes. I don’t know about you, but 30 minutes for a 2 year old is BIG!
  3. Matching Games: RJ loves playing matching games with his brother. my 2 year old doesn’t really know whats going on, but they can both play really well with each other for at least 1 hour.
  4. Play some music: My boys LOVE to dance, I mean put on some Justin Beiber and they’re getting down. I have an entire playlist just for them with kid friendly songs that they will dance to for hours (not literally, more like 45 minutes). It burns a lot of energy, so by the time nap time rolls around, they’re beat!
  5. Do crafts/color: My boys aren’t big into crafts, but they LOVE to color. If RJ is REALLY in the mood, hell color for a whole hour. Elias (my middle child) maybe 30 minutes, again 30 minutes is BIG!
  6. Play in the covered Patio: We have lots of their outside toys in the patio, and I literally just let them do whatever they want. They go hunting for lizards. They’ll rearrange everything to make a “restaurant”. They’ll scooter around and play in the cozy couple. Literally whatever they feel like doing, I let them do (nothing crazy lol)! What I love about this is, in my family room the couch is positioned in front of the sliding glass door, so I can put my feet up, read a magazine, or catch up on work, and they’re right in my peripheral.
  7. Help me cook: I don’t always cook, but when I do, I have 2 extra helpers in their with me. I love having them help out in the kitchen because I want them to grow up to love doing things around the house. My husband LOVES to cook, and has no problem that I am not the craziest about cooking. So It would be awesome if my boys grew up the same.
  8. Take a bath: I should rephrase that, let them have a fun bubble bath with toys!
  9. Play I-spy: This one is kind of my favorite. I always pick something really hard and out of the box that’s totally findable but it takes them AGES. hahah sounds bad, but it gets their little minds working!
  10. Have a puppet show: I absolutely love doing this with the boys! They get really into and get all creative. Set the scene, tell them a scenario and to have at it! We have a ton of puppets, but my favorite are these ones (link here).

Puppets were kindly provided by Cate and Levi| as always, all opinions are 100% my own!

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