Shared room sneak peek

Three boys in one room?! You’re probably wondering what the heck are we thinking! But there is a reason behind it. As many of you all know, I’m expecting our 4th baby and IT’S A GIRL! Being that she’s the only girl. She needs her own room free (we live in a 3 bedroom and don’t plan on selling our house right now) of any testosterone lol. But in all honesty, our boys take over the entire house. RJ and Elias have always shared a room, they had their own playroom and somehow their toys take over the family room as well, and even the screened patio. So really they had FOUR rooms they kind of just called their play space. When Joel was born, we kind of just threw a crib in the playroom and called it Joel’s room/playroom. Now that we are adding a little girl into the mix, we are condensing their play spaces into just 3 areas; 1. Their bedroom 2. The family room 3. The patio

Their bedroom prior to the merge, was just an area they ONLY went into for bedtime. Now that we are converting Joel’s room/playroom into Laila’s room we moved half their toys into their bedroom, and the other half is in a box being sent to Grandma’s house.

So how is the bed situation?

We got the boys’ (RJ and Elias) a bunk bed off of Wayfair LINK HERE, and RJ’s old expandable bed is now Joel’s bed. If you’ve never heard of an expandable bed, it’s a twin size mattress that comes divided into 3 parts and can be shortened (for a new toddler), and made longer for an older child. So the bed truly grows with them. Here is the link to the one that we have.

How is it working out so far?

I honestly can’t answer that yet, because it’s only been one day since the boys have had their bunk bed. But they did sleep in it well the first night, and I’m currently fighting Elias to stay in his bed at nap time (as I type this). Even though we have Joel’s bed set up in there, we haven’t moved him in yet. We will probably wait until the weekend because I’m off of work for 8 days or so. I feel like it’s going to be okay transitioning Joel because their room gets pitch dark at night so he won’t know any different and plus we plan on keeping him in his DockATot. He has slept in his DockATot since he was 5 months old, so no matter where we go (vacation/hotel, grandmas for the night) we always bring it, and he has NEVER had a problem sleeping in another bed other than his own. I’m only concerned about nap time. I feel like we’ll run into some issues because their is some daylight in the room, and he’ll be able to see his brothers and his toys. So say a few prayers for me please lol.

How long do we plan on having them share rooms?

We don’t know yet. We don’t plan on selling our home right now, nor buying a bigger home for at least 5 years. They are still little, so the space is perfect for them, and will be perfect for them for at least another 5 years so we really aren’t worried. The boys’ truly love each other, and cry when they are separated so having them not share a room is not even a thought. Even if we had a 4 or 5 bedroom house, they’d probably end up in a room together anyways.

Are we doing a theme in the room?

Yes! We are. All of the boys are into different things, but outter space is something they both are into. As for Joel, he doesn’t care, because he’s not really into anything but food lol. But I’m sure he’s 100% okay with it.

Anyways, enough talking and here are some pictures of the progress so far. It’s not done at all because we still need to get them a taller dresser, and mount their TV, new bedspreads, and maybe something to hang over Joel’s bed. I don’t like to rush into decorating, I like to slowly look for things to make it the way I REALLY want. So stay tuned for the final reveal!

As you can see we went with the outer space theme, and this rug fit in perfectly. It’s from Lorena Canals (gifted) and what I love most about it is, it’s 100% washable. Being a mom to three boys, that’s a must. No matter what they spill, it’ll protect my carpet, and I can just throw it i the wash. I chose this spot for the rug because it’s in between the beds and it kind of defines their play space. They know where to keep their toys!

This isn’t my first rug from Lorena Canals, and Laila’s nursery will of course have a rug from there too, so you can clearly see my love for these rugs. They’re 100% worth it, especially if you have kids.

Thank you so much for reading, and stay tuned for the final reveal!

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