Summer Learning Tools

Whew, it’s been a while since I wrote a blog post! But having the kids home for the summer gives me back some free time in the morning to do things I love, like Sleeping in, Pilates and writing- like curating this summer learning post.

As the warmth of the sun envelopes us and the sweet scent of blooming flowers fills the air, the arrival of summer brings with it the promise of endless possibilities. While my children eagerly anticipate a break from the structured routines of school, the summer months present a valuable opportunity for parents to embrace the spirit of learning and create engaging experiences for their young ones. Summer learning can be a delightful and enriching journey that not only prevents the dreaded “summer slide” but also fosters curiosity, imagination, and a lifelong love for discovery. In this post, we will explore the numerous benefits of summer learning with kids, uncover exciting avenues for exploration, and offer practical tips for making the most of this vibrant season, Including all the tools and resources I have put together for a successful summer break at home.

The Importance of Summer Learning

Summer learning plays a crucial role in preventing learning loss during the extended break from school. Studies have shown that without intellectual stimulation, children can lose a significant portion of what they learned during the academic year. By engaging in educational activities during summer, children not only retain their knowledge but also continue to build upon it, reinforcing their skills and academic progress. Furthermore, summer learning cultivates a growth mindset, teaching children the value of perseverance, resilience, and self-directed learning, which are vital skills in today’s rapidly changing world.

Here are some workbooks (and crayons) we love for the kids




Exploring the Great Outdoors

One of the greatest advantages of summertime is the abundance of opportunities for outdoor exploration. Nature becomes a classroom without walls, offering an endless array of sights, sounds, and textures to captivate young minds. Take advantage of local parks, botanical gardens, and nature trails to embark on exciting adventures. Encourage kids to observe and document the wonders of the natural world, sparking their curiosity about ecosystems, wildlife, and environmental conservation. Gardening projects, nature scavenger hunts, and stargazing sessions can also provide valuable hands-on experiences and foster a deeper connection with the world around them. I encourage you to get a “wilderness journal” which can be any type of notebook, that they document the things they see- whether they draw it, or take a photo of it, and print it out at home (or Walgreens) and journal about what they saw.


Creative Pursuits and Artistic Expression

Summer is the perfect time for children to tap into their creativity and unleash their imagination. Encourage them to explore various artistic mediums such as painting, drawing, sculpting, or photography. Engage in collaborative projects like creating a family mural or just painting together (Laila and I love to do this together). Summer can also be an opportunity to discover new hobbies like cooking, writing, or playing a musical instrument. By nurturing their artistic talents, children develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and self-expression skills while fostering a sense of accomplishment and personal growth.


Cultivating a Love for Reading

Reading is a gateway to knowledge, empathy, and lifelong learning. Summer offers uninterrupted time for children to delve into the magical realms of books, sparking their imagination and expanding their vocabulary. Establish a daily reading routine and create a cozy reading nook at home or in the shade of a tree. Visit local libraries, join summer reading programs, and explore bookstores together to discover new literary treasures. Encourage discussions about the stories they read, allowing their comprehension and critical thinking skills to flourish. By making reading an integral part of summer, children develop a love for literature that will benefit them in all aspects of life. If you are stuck on what books to get your kids, here is the Sunshine State list for….

Kindergarten-2nd Grade

3rd Grade-5th Grade

6th-8th Grade

And a few more book series that were recommended by my followers were

  • Harry Potter
  • Magic Treehouse
  • Diary of a Wimpy kid
  • Series of Unfortunate Events
  • Pax Series
  • Percy Jackson Books
  • The Last Kid on Earth series
  • Captain Underpants
  • Goosebumps
  • Wayside School Series
  • Narnia
  • One and Only Ivan Series
  • The Never Girls
  • The Secret series
  • Roald Dahl Collection
  • Wings of Fire
  • Dork Diaries


Keeping a Routine

Establishing a summer routine for kids is of paramount importance as it brings structure, stability, and numerous benefits to their overall well-being. A routine provides children with a sense of predictability and familiarity, which can be especially comforting during the often unstructured summer months. It helps regulate their sleep patterns, ensuring they get adequate rest and maintain a healthy sleep schedule. A routine also promotes a balanced lifestyle by incorporating a mix of educational activities, outdoor play, creativity, and relaxation time. It prevents excessive screen time and encourages physical exercise, mental stimulation, and social interaction. Furthermore, a summer routine instills important life skills such as time management, responsibility, and self-discipline. By creating a consistent and purposeful routine, parents can maximize their children’s summer experiences, fostering their development, and preparing them for a smooth transition back to school when the season ends.


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Once printed, it can either be laminated so you can use a wet erase marker to check things off and reuse the following day. You can also use a clear sheet protector if you don’t have a laminator. Or if you’re really up for it, you can print a new one everyday (or print out 5 at a time).


In summary, we are so excited for this summer and all the summer plans we have but for the in between, we are making sure the kids have a somewhat structured schedule filled with learning, exploring and lot and lots of reading. I hope this blog post was helpful for you, and if there is anything else you want me to cover, feel free to send me a DM on instagram.