Suns out, shorts out Outfit

Being a Florida Girl, my wardrobe is about 95% shorts, tanks and sandals of some sort.

What I love about this outfit is that it looks good with either dressy-ish sandals or some casual converse.

1. The Chino Shorts are from Target and I snagged them while they were only $12. They’re white with navy stripes.  What I love about them is that they’re not too short. I have long legs, so shorts appear even shorter on me.

2. The White Tank is also from Target. I got it for $5 back when they had all their tops on sale. Still at $8 it’s worth it. Target tanks are so soft and stretchy and doesn’t get all stretched out.

3. The necklace, I bought from Forever 21. I can’t find the exact one I bought because it was over a year ago. But any long layered gold necklace will work!

4. The Gray Carry all bag is from a small shop in Savannah Georgia. What I love about this bag is that it fits everything! Yesterday we went to my sister in laws house to spend the day at the pool and I fit all our swim gear in it. Swim suits for all 5 of us, my pump supplies, diapers for Joel and Elias, 2 towels and a beach ball. It seriously is the carry all bag!

5.  Some classic White Converse is one of my favorite things if this outfit. I rarely have time to paint my toe nails, sometimes they’re chipped, so I rock some chucks to hide my neglected toes. They’re comfy (other than the initial break in, I had blisters for days lmao).

6. The sandals pictured above are no longer in stock but these Sandals are equally as cute. Again from target! When my toes are looking cute you’ll see me rocking some sandals.

7. The Mint Blue Belt is definitely a favorite. Because my tank top is tucked into my shorts, I needed a belt. I didn’t want anything too bold, so a nice mint blue tied everything perfectly. And the gold on the belt buckle matched my jewelry. And right now it’s only $7.50! That’s a steal!!
Anyways, hope you like my summer outfit that I whipped together for you all!

Photo cred: my husband @renaldo0921

•The carry all bag is sponsored by  Moss & Marsh| all opinions are mine

•I wish target would sponsor me, because they take all my paychecks lol.


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