The Breastfeeding and Pumping Mom

So as some of you know, My 12 week maternity leave came to an end last week Thursday. So I had to go back to working my 12 hour shifts (7pm-7am), but fortunately my Nurse Operations Manager allowed me to come back part time (2 days a week versus the 3) for the first two weeks. The thought of going back to work made me really nervous, not so much because I’m leaving my precious little 12 week old and 2 almost 3 year old (because they are in the care of their awesome dad aka my super husband) but mostly because of the fact that I nurse Elias about 95% of the time and he takes a bottle the other 5%. I was really nervous about pumping at work, like what schedule should I go with?, will I be able to pump as much as he nurses, Will my milk supply drop ?…those are all the questions most normal breastfeeding mamas who are returning to work would ask.

Thankfully my supply is even better pumping at work during the night. When I get off work and come home I empty 18+ oz of pumped milk right into my freezer, it’s freaking awesome! I work in a VERY pump friendly atmosphere (a women’s and babies hospital) so taking my pump breaks are a breeze.

here is a schedule of how I pump during the night starting from 3pm.

3pm- Nurse Elias for 15-20 minutes

5:30pm- Nurse Elias for 10 minutes AND pump the other boob at the same time.

*I pump the other boob so I can prepare a 3.5-4oz bottle for his 7:30 feed since I will not be home*

6:10pm- Kiss my babies goodbye and head to work

9:30pm- Pump/ Facetime my hubby and sons before bedtime

*I always pump 6-7 oz*


*about 6oz*


*about 5 oz*

7:00am-Off work, speed race home

7:35am-Empty out my milk cooler and freeze about 8 oz, and keep 10oz in the fridge for his feeds for that night when I go back to work. If it’s my last shift for the week…I just freeze it all.

7:40am- Nurse Elias for 15 minutes

and then here is Daddy’s schedule for when I am away starting from his 7:30 feed..

7:30pm- Bottle of 3.5-4oz of Expressed milk (that I pumped at 5:30)

9:00pm-Bath time for RJ

9:30pm-RJ goes to sleep/Facetime me !

9:35pm-Elias takes bath

9:45pm- 4oz Bottle of Expressed milk

10:00-10-30pm:Elias goes to sleep

**We put him to bed much later than we did with RJ when he was Elias’s age but to be honest, we love the 10:00 bedtime for Elias. we all get much more sleep that way. Eventually we will sllloooowwwllly move his bedtime up to 8pm.

3:00am: Elias Wakes up/4oz Bottle of Expressed milk

6:00am: Elias wakes up/2 oz bottle of expressed milk

*My husband only gives him 2oz because I will be home in an hour and a half to nurse him*

7:40am: Nurse until he passes out, and we both go to sleep together, while daddy does all the morning duties with RJ.

I can honestly say we are soooo blessed with a good sleeper, although he doesn’t sleep through the night (I really don’t mind because he keeps my supply up) but after he’s done with his middle of the night feeds, he burps easily and passes out. We don’t even need to rock him back to sleep, we just lay him back down in his bassinet. And during the day when I am trying to get as much sleep as possible before Renaldo heads to the office…he just sleeps with me, of course he wakes up to nurse, but like I said he passes out immediately afterwards.

Here is some info on the products I use to make pumping at work a Breeeeeze

  1. Medela Pump in Style (Backpack)- With the pump in style it comes in 3 different styles.
    1. The Backpack
    2. The Tote
    3. The Metro Bag
  2. Medela storage bottles
  3. Lansinoh Breastmilk storage bags
  4. Medela Breastmilk Cooler Set
  5. Medela Hands free pumping bra
  6. Coveredgoods nursing cover (Just in case another pumping coworker walks in lol)
  7. SNACKS !!! (I’m always so hungry and thirsty)

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