Toddler cold care necessities


Recently my little two year caught a cold and we are fighting this cold like Mayweather and Pacquiao lol.

Now I stay at home with RJ (our son) so when he catches a cold we always know where he got it from and from who. We took him to the church daycare last Sunday (January 25th)  and by Thursday (January 29th) he woke up with a runny nose so we know it was one of the children at the daycare.

Anyways where I’m going with all this is every time he gets the sniffles we use these 4 products and always see instant relief. *a product I am missing is his cool mist humidifier, we haven’t used it in awhile, but when his congestion is just too much we plug it in close to his crib. The humidifier is good for easing congestion and cough for your little one. If you are stuck between warm mist or cold mist, I read that they both create equal moisture in the air and by the time the moist air reaches your little ones air passage it’s all the same temperature. So really it’s a matter of spending more for warm mist versus saving a bit more with cool mist.


This first product is Similasan cold and mucus relief. This product is really good for breaking up the mucus and just letting it run instead of building up in the nose or even worse his tiny little chest. We bought this from Winn-Dixie for about $6 and what we really love about it is that the active ingredients are all natural. It is always good to give our little one something not full of chemicals like most common cold relief medicines.


This one is my personal favorite, it’s The honest Company Organic Breathe easy rub. We bundle with honest for 5 household/body products for $35 a month but I beleive the actual price without the bundle is between $10-$12. The container is actually pretty small but you really don’t use that much at a time. We apply the rub onto his chest, back and feet. When we apply it onto his feet we put some nice cozy socks on over it. It has a strong smell of eucalyptus oil but that’s what helps clear the nasal passage and makes it much easier to sleep at night. *(we also have straight eucalyptus oil that we put on his crib rails)*. He loves when we put the breathe easy rub on him, probably because he knows he will be getting a good nights sleep and a nice foot rub out of it all.


This is Rose Water (agua de rosa), my mom brought me this back from Panama and she always told me it is good to rub through my little ones hair after a bath (while running a fever). It is supposedly good for lowering fevers. I just read up on it and on multiple sites it said to use a cold wash cloth with rose water and place on forehead to lower fever. I’m not really sure where you can buy this nor how much it cost but if you ever see it in a grocery store it might be worth it if your little one has a fever and you’re tired of medication after medication.


and last but not least are wipes. I don’t know what I would do without these especially when his sinuses are clearing out and he’s draining like a sink. Through the duration of a cold we use probably half a pack of wipes. Why we chose wipes over tissues ? We noticed  with tissues his poor nose was getting irritated and red so we opted for something much easier on his nose. I Don’t really need to tell you how much or where to get the wipes from because what wipes you use is your own preference after all you know what is best for your little one.

hope you all enjoyed, let me know if you have any other remedies for tackling a cold ?


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