Top 11 Baby Items 0-3 months

Hi Everyone, Hope you are all having a great week, and an even better start to the weekend. So today I’m talking baby products, I’ve been asked quite often what are my favorite baby products and why. So I’ve combined all my must have items from birth to 3 months old. I will do another one from 3 months to 6 months, once Joel turns 6 months old.


  1. Tula Baby Carrier : I couldn’t imagine my life without this carrier. I haven’t really used it so much with Joel (the baby) but I’ve used it a lot with Elias (my 21 month old). When I’m trying to juggle all the kids, hold a car seat, hold RJ’s hand, having my 21 month old on my back is a total life saver with 3 under 4. They come in so many cute prints, so there is truly something for everyone. And if you follow them on instagram or facebook, you’ll be one of the first to see when they have specials and giveaways. I scored my carrier for 40%, at the end of 2016!
  2. Medela Freestyle Breast Pump: Out of all the breast pumps I’ve used, This one is definitely my favorite. It’s battery powered, so I’m not tied to an outlet. It comes with a belt clip attached to the pump, so I can clip it on to my pants and continue what ever it is that I’m doing. So having 3 boys, I’m constantly on the go. Whether it’s chasing the 21 month old, wiping the 4 year olds butt on the potty or changing the newborns outfit, I don’t miss a beat. It has a timer on it, so you’re able to track how long you’ve been pumping and the screen lights up, so in the middle of the night it kind of serves as a little night light. I’m able to pump for 10 minutes and get an easy 12 oz between both breasts. Also what I love is that it fits in my diaper bag perfectly. I don’t need to lug around a separate pump bag.
  3. Covered Goods nursing cover : I am a coveredgoods advocate. Ask anyone who knows me, this thing goes everywhere with me. I even use it as a blanket for myself and for the baby when its chilly out. This multi functioning carrier, can be used as an infinity scarf, nursing cover, car seat cover, and a shopping cart seat cover. This is seriously one of the biggest reasons why I breastfed for so long. I don’t feel comfortable nursing in public, but with my Coveredgoods, I’m literally walking around in the grocery store, talking to the cashier, all while nursing my babies. It’s also great to cover your baby up in the car seat from germs, or nosey people haha.
  4. Skip Hop Diaper Bag : I love the design of this bag. To me, it doesn’t scream “IM A DIAPER BAG!”. It holds diapers for Elias and Joel, blankets, back up clothes for explosions and then back ups back up clothes lol, my wrap, pump, lotions, wallet and whatever other crap I can possibly fit in there. I love that it’s a durable material, and easy to wipe down. It has a long shoulder strap, and also two handles. The pockets on the side are insulated, so you can put pumped breast milk there and it’ll keep it cool.  My husband will totally wear this bag on his shoulder and have no shame. So it’s daddy approved as well.
  5. MAM Bottle : Joel has been the most difficult to feed from a bottle. He was exclusively breastfed for the first 10ish weeks of life, and right before I had to go back to work I decided to introduce a bottle of expressed breast milk. Well we literally tried 10 bottles with no luck. Finally one of my lovely mom friends brought me the MAM bottle to try and he liked it! I’m guessing what he likes about it, is that the nipple is flat.
  6. Maxi Cosi Infant Car Seat: We looooove this seat. We love how light it is compared to all the other seats on the market. I love how its black on black. and we love how soft the material is. Even on the hottest days, Joel doesn’t get hot because the material is breathable. Also the canopy goes really low, so it blocks little man from the hot Florida sun rays.
  7. Baby Jogger City Select : We love love love this stroller. I’ve only had two strollers in my entire motherhood life, but we’ve tested quite a few strollers, and this one has an amazing push. I can navigate through tight corners without any problems and even do 360 degree turns with one hand. What we really like about this stroller is that its not a true double stroller. It can go from a single, to a double, to a kind-of triple stroller. When we bought it, RJ  had just turned two, and we just found out we were expecting Elias. SO we used it as a single, an purchased d once Elias arrived, wethe car seat adapters, so his Maxi Cosi car seat can just clip in. And once Elias outgrew his infant car seat, we purchased a second seat. There were days RJ didn’t feel like being in the stroller, so we’d only use one seat, and it would look like a regular single stroller. Now that RJ is old enough to walk most places, we have Elias (the 18month old) in the front/bottom, and Joel is in the infant car seat on top. Once Joel is old enough, we’ll move him to the regular seat. The seat has like over 50 different configurations, its amazing!  And what I mean by kind of triple stroller, is that you can purchase a glider board for a third rider. It fits wonderfully in the back of my SUV. and Baby Jogger has amazing customer service. I called them to order a part, and literally the next day, it was at my door step. Overall, my favorite stroller. and the money we spent on it, I do not regret one single bit.
  8. 4moms Mamaroo: Seriously, the best of the best. We purchased the Mamaroo for our second child, and he had really bad reflux, so after every feed, he needed to be on an incline. So this really helped with all his tummy issues. Also Elias was a FUSSY baby, and there were times I just couldn’t baby wear him, or I just freaking needed a break. The mama like motions (no vibrations) really soothed him. I love that the fabric just zips right off, and I’m able to throw it in the washer, because babies are unpredictable between diaper blowouts and throwing up. Compared to other swings, this one takes up the least amount of space, and it looks stylish. It’s Bluetooth compatible, so if I had it turned off, and he’s starting to wake up but I’m in the kitchen, I can quickly turn it on from my cell phone. It also comes with an AUX cord, so you can play music right off your cell phone.
  9. Gerber Probiotic Drops: Don’t really know how this helps, but just know that one week on these drops my super fussy baby is calm, cool and collected. He no longer screeches in pain from gas. I’m able to eat dairy again, and he’s perfectly fine now. So if gas drops aren’t working for your little one, talk to his/her pediatrician about probiotic drops.
  10.  Honest Company Diapers: We actually use many diaper brands, but only because we were gifted so many brands from people. But our all time favorite is the honest company. It hold very well, no leakage, and have super cute prints. We love everything The Honest Company stands behind. They’re a company that truly cares and values their consumers. I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with Jessica Alba’s mom at a baby expo 2 years ago, and the love and passion she displays for the products definitely doesn’t go unnoticed. When Joel hit a growth spurt at 6 weeks old, he outgrew one of his bundles. So Honest sent me 4 new packages of diapers to replace the ones he outgrew, and they did 2 day delivery which was awesome. On top of their diapers, we use all their bath products and cleaning products.
  11. Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags: I’ve used a lot of different brand bags, and these are the best. They freeze flat, so take up very little space in the freezer. Also they have a double seal, so you have peace of mind your milk isn’t leaking out.


Anyways, hope this list helped you out, if you’re stuck on what baby products to buy! in no way am I sponsored by anyone, I’m just a real mom, who really use these products.


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