12 things to know about Breastfeeding Ft. Evivo


I’m so blessed and thankful to say that this is my 2nd baby I’ve successfully breastfed for (at least) 12 months. It takes a lot of commitment, but the bond we share is indescribable. We were “one” for 38.5 weeks, and for the following 52 weeks we have created a bond like no other.

In these 12 months of breastfeeding (both times) I’ve learned a few things! If I knew these things in the beginning with my first, I probably would’ve breastfed longer.

  1. Your milk doesn’t come in on the first day: It took about 3 days for my milk to come in. I have a few friends it took almost a week. So if you’re at day 4 and your milk still isn’t there, just know that the milk your babe is getting is enough. When a baby is only one day old, their tummy is only the size of a cherry. See the chart below ⬇️ (courtesy of Medela)
  2. Your nipples will hurt for the first 2 weeks: I’m going to be completely honest, The first two weeks are brutal. Your nips go from being untouched (unless you and your hubby get down like that ?) to being sucked on non stop. It’s going to hurt, but I promise, it gets better! Just give yourself 2 weeks! In the meantime, get yourself some good nipple balm. You’ll thank me for this one.
  3. Cluster feeding is real: There’s going to be a time where you feel like all you’re doing is nursing a baby every 30 minutes, and you probably are. But I noticed with my kids when they do this, it’s because they’re going through a growth spurt or they’re about to have a long stretch of sleep!
  4. Lactation cookies/smoothies/tea will become your best friend: You’ll be able to recite the recipes to all your favorite lactation boosting shakes and cookies. From knowing the difference between brewers yeast, fennel, fenugreek and blessed thistle! I’ve made them all, and for me they give me such a boost.
  5. By breastfeeding you’re saving money: On an average, you save at least $1,500.00 a year just from breastfeeding alone. Half of that money I saved, I spent ordering random things online in the middle of the night nursing my baby- You win some you lose some.
  6. It’s actually really easy to breastfeed: You’ll learn that whipping a boob out and popping it in your little ones’ mouth is actually really easy! When your little one is hungry and screaming, it takes seconds to hush them up!
  7. Your boob size has nothing to do with the amount of milk you can make: I’m living proof, I have a A-B cup and in the first 3 months I built a 600+oz milk stash, meanwhile my friend has an E cup, and only made enough milk for her baby and could never build a milk stash.
  8. The amount you pump has nothing to do with how much your baby is getting: Some ladies just don’t respond well to a pump. So don’t feel discouraged if you barely pump 1 oz!
  9. Don’t feel embarrassed to feed your baby: Don’t worry about what people think or say about breastfeeding your baby. Do it wherever you feel most comfortable, whether it’s in a closet or in the middle of Target’s $1 section.
  10. Get a good support system: Have people that support your breastfeeding journey. Explain how important it is to you, and how they should respect your choice to breastfeed, even if it’s for 1 month or 36 months. Just make sure you’re surrounded by people who support and understand you.
  11. Your milk is all your baby needs: Your milk changes according to your babies needs. In the first few days of life, you’ll notice your milk is more like a “whole milk” and as your baby gets older, it’s more like a “2% milk”, when you’re baby is dehydrated, it’s like “skim milk”, when your baby catches a cold, or can turn back to “whole milk”. It’s amazing how our bodies know how to cater to your babies needs, even after birth.
  12. Probiotics can and should be used for breastfed babies: Although our milk makes everything your babies need, giving your child the gift of Evivo probiotics not only benefits them now by…
  • Restoring your babies gut microbiome with the good bacteria B. Infantis
  • Transforming special carbohydrates found in your breast milk to promote the growth of B. infantis, which can defend the growth of harmful bacteria)

It will benefit them in the long run by…

  • Preventing the growth of that harmful bacteria that can cause-eczema, allergies, diabetes and obesity!

It also helps develop a baby’s metabolism and immune system and builds the foundation for good health that lasts a lifetime“.

Now that’s the gift I want to give to my children. Evivo is the first and only probiotic of its kind! It’s in a powder form, and mixes perfectly with 3-5mls of your Breastmilk. It has no taste, and even the pickiest babies will like it.It takes no more than 1 minute to prep and mix the probiotic into your Breastmilk. So even the busiest mamas will have time for this.

What’s great about all of this, it only costs $1.99 per day! Your morning coffee costs more than that!

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Happy babies, have happy guts. Give your baby the gift of a lifetime!

This post was sponsored by Evivo| as always, all opinions are 100% me!

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