Review of the Mazda CX-9 with three kids

There was a guy staring at my husband and I take pictures, So I’m staring at him right back!
Then I was just laughing it off because we do look pretty ridiculous!
…still laughing.

As many of you all know, 3 weeks ago my family and I were fortunate enough to travel to Boston, Massachusetts for 6 days. We got to explore the city like real tourists. And what some of you all may know, but some don’t, I did it all by myself. My husband had to work 3.5 out of 6 of those days we were there, and instead of locking myself in a hotel room all day until he comes back to our suite, I explored the city with ALL THREE kids.

I felt comfortable driving into the city and parking (parking in Boston is no joke) because I was in my (sponsored) New 2018 Mazda CX-9. When we first arrived to the hotel, the car awaited for me! When I first walked up to it, I was like “RED?!!” I’m really not a fan of red cars, but this red was beautiful. Immediately I opened the door and the beautiful tan leather greeted me. I climbed right into the seats, and I felt like I was inside of a sports car, not a 7 passenger SUV, and yes you heard that right, 7 passenger. The Mazda CX-9 has 3 rows and seats 7. I couldn’t wait to put all the car seats in (I’m such a mom lol).

Now lets talk about the features of this car:

This particular model(Grand Touring) has some amazing features!

  • 250 Horse Power and 4 cylinder Engine: Yes you heard that right, 4 CYLINDERS on a SUV! That’s unheard of nowadays!
  • 6 Speed automatic  transmission: My husband could not stop talking about how fast this SUV is, and how great the take off is!
  • 22/28 city/highway MPG: Because of the 4 cylinder engine, you’re able to save so much in gas!
  • Power driver AND passenger seat: The driver seat is also programmable, which is great when you have more than 1 driver.
  • 8 inch Full color touch screen display: Very easy to read display! Everything is user friendly. While you are driving, the touch screen is disabled, but knobs on the center console (by the gear knob) are fully functioning, and you are able to control everything on the screen from the knob.aefe83da-ef3d-45e5-93f7-4a21e57c215cd06f85ac-4861-4a71-9d1a-748ba9d53ba7
  • Lane departure warning: This does exactly what it says, if you’re inching too close to another lane, it’ll notify you!
  • Keyless entry and start: Super important to me, because I can never find my keys in my diaper bag.
  • Moon roof with sunshade: LOVED this!!! Especially with the cool Boston air, it gave the inside if the car just the right amount of fresh air without ruining my hair or giving my Floridian blooded kids frost bite.
    I had to take a selfie, because the amount of natural light I got because of the sunroof was unreal!
  • Mazda Navigation System: THE BEST navigation system ever. If you were following me on instagram and watching my stories, you’ll remember how much I loved the navigation system In this car. I navigated into a foreign city by myself with all three kids everyday because I had this amazing navigation system. Whats great about the navigation system, it showed pictures of the road. For example (see below): In Boston, their exits are NOTHING like Florida’s, it will be one exit with 3 different exits within that exit, and the navigation would show me a picture of which exact exit to take. The few times I drove in Boston without the Mazda, I kept getting lost because the car I was driving didn’t have that feature. Also when I was in the tunnel (another thing I’m not use to), it showed me a picture of which exit to take.
    The GPS image is almost identical to the road
  • Active Driving display, with traffic sign recognition: Okay this feature is legit! When I first got the car, I had no clue it had this feature, so I was like “what the heck is that on my windshield” after taking my sunglasses off, and really looking at it, I realized their is a screen illuminated onto the windshield that shows you the speed limit where you are driving, your current speed and your GPS directions. This is amazing, because it makes sure your eyes are always on the road. Even taking your eyes off for 2 seconds to look down at your GPS is dangerous! So this screen really wow’d me!
    Look closely at the windshield, you’ll see a screen illuminated on the window!
  • 2nd row heated seats: Didn’t use this feature because we have 30 kids (not really 30 but it feels like it) and they were all in their car seats!
  • Heated steering wheel: LOVED this. The last few days we were in Boston, the lows were in the teens, so having heated steering wheels was such a luxury!
  • 2nd row retractable window sunshades: This feature is amazing, especially if you have kids. There will be times you are literally parked in traffic and the sun will be beaming in your little one’s face, even with tinted window, it just can’t protect you or your babe from the sun. Having these built in window shades makes your little ones much more comfortable.
  • Front Parking sensors: 2 words, parallel parking. You need this. The end!
  • Power liftgate: I didn’t realize how convenient power lift gates were until I drove this car. It makes it so much easier when you’re with the kids. It’s basically an extra set of hands when you’re trying to unload and load the kiddos in the car.
    Lift gate closed with the press of a button.

Now lets talk about how well it works with three kids:

All three car seats fit across one row without a problem (no overlapped seats). It was easy to reach them, and get them in and out the car. The trunk (with third row folded) had plenty of space. I was able to comfortably fit my double stroller and other items without a problem. I loved the built in sunshade on the windows, because it gave an extra layer of sun protection for the boys. The third row of the car would be able to comfortably fit 2 adults! I’m not sure how it would do with a car seat, because we didn’t put any seats in the back, but I’m almost positive it would’ve fit just fine.

all three kids (in car seats) in the 2nd row

Plenty of storage space!

Now lets talk about safety:

Safety features are so important, and after you have kids, you don’t care about the bells and whistles, if the car isn’t safe. As mentioned, this car comes with rear view back up cameras, lane departure warning, blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alert, low speed automatic emergency breaking, forward collision warning, full-speed automatic emergency braking, active lane keep assist, and adaptive cruise control. I have so much peace of mind driving this car with my kids knowing it comes with all these features.

Now lets talk about the design of this car:

I am in love with the exterior and interior of this car! The outside is so sleek and sporty looking. And I cannot forget about the tan leather interior, it’s life! The beautiful stitching on the seat doesn’t go unnoticed. 48270570-7615-49f6-8e2a-42979e400a78

Would I buy this?:

I was kicking myself in the butt for not getting this car last year when we traded ours in. After riding in this car, I only want equal or better now! I loved the way it drove. I loved the way I felt in the car. I was very comfortable, and never felt scared to park (I hate parking). It’s the perfect size for our family, and my husband said it didn’t take away any of his masculinity (LOL). If you’re considering this car, I highly recommend doing a test drive! Once you get behind the wheels of this car, you’ll quickly notice, there are no other options!

This post was Sponsored by MazdaUSA|As always, all opinions are 100% me! Or else I wouldn’t be begging my husband to buy me one!

Make sure you check out Mazda‘s site for more info about this car and many others. Also be sure to follow them below!


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