22 weeks


How far along: 22 weeks

Gender: still a boy…we scheduled our 3D/4D ultrasound for March 30th so we will confirm the sex then.

Cravings: Oranges of course, but now I’ve been addicted to creamed spinach !! So yummy and so healthy.

Aversions: still NO rice, beans with chicken.

Stretch Marks: None so far, crossing fingers !

Mood: I feel like I’ve been in a great mood. Not super emotional or anything ! This will all probably change by next week lol

Total Weight gain: 5 pounds. I weighed myself on Winn-Dixie’s scale (other than the doctors office, this is the same scale I use every week) and I lost one pound. I blame this on the increase in physical activity. I’m actually eating more, just walking and staying more active (something I didn’t do pre-pregnancy haha)

Maternity clothes: my pants do not button anymore (womp womp) but I have a belly band so I can still wear all my jeans/shorts. But lately maxi skirts have been my best friend lol

Sleep: I’ve been sleeping so good. Still waking up about once during the night for a potty break but other than that when my head hits the pillow…I’m out for the count.

Miss anything: A cold brew, sleeping on my tummy and sushi ?

Milestones: For the past week or so RJ and I have been going to Cranes Roost park and doing three laps around the lake which is equivalent to 3 miles. And for the past month I’ve been climbing 11 flights of stairs 2-3 times a night at work.

Outfit: Maxi Skirt from Target, Tank top from H&M for $5 !! No jewelry, unfortunately I was so excited to take my bump picture that I forgot to put jewelry on while getting ready lol

RJ’s outfit: Pants are from Carters, button down is from Children’s Place and his brown dress shoes (not pictured) are from Children’s Place as well.

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