Another Mommy and Son(s) walk 

Today RJ and I went on another 3 mile walk around cranes roost park. This time it was kind of spur of the moment because it was rainy all day and I was actually out getting my eyebrows done with no intentions of going on a walk. While I was laying on the bed/table at the nail salon I thought… ” hey it’s not raining anymore, I have my sneakers, RJ’s stroller is in the back of my SUV, and there is no sun…so why not ?!”

By the way, RJ must be getting use to going to the nail salon with me (today I didn’t have his umbrella stroller in the car and didn’t want to try squeezing the big stroller in the waxing room) because he quietly sat on the tiny pedicure chair and watched my favorite wax lady strip away my bushy brows, and didn’t say a peep !!! Proud mommy moment ??

Anyways the weather was really nice, no sun and super breezy ! I didn’t take any pictures during our walk because it was getting dark pretty quick and I wanted to hurry up and get these three miles in ! But here is 1 picture that I got after ( I look horrible, no makeup, sweaty and tired…but at least my eyebrows are fresh lol) 

When we were done, we headed to Winn-Dixie ( I swear I’m in there more now than I was when I worked there back in high school hahah) I got more fruits, being that they only last about two days in my house (that’s a good thing but a bad thing on my hubby’s wallet lol)  

Once we got home I threw in tons of fruits in my nutribullet. I used 1 banana, 4 strawberries, a handful of blueberries, 3 blackberries, 1 whole kiwi, half an avocado (RJ are the other half), peanut butter and yogurt ! The results were so yummy in mine and baby #2’s tummy. RJ didn’t eat any because he is allergic to peanut butter, instead little man ate his snack which consisted of avocado, crackers and cheese. 

After that I called my mom and facetimed my sweet little niece 

Anyways, we had a good afternoon and didn’t let this nasty weather keep us in all day !! 

Xo-Mommy B

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