24 Week Bump date

6 month//24 week bump

Gender: Still a girl!! My closet is starting to get flooded with girl clothes. She’s already taking over!

Baby’s heart rate: My appointment is on the 22nd, so I’ll update you all afterwards on her heart rate!

Weight/weight gain: Yikes! I’ve officially hit the 130 pound mark. As much as I try not to care, I really do watch my weight. I just have this strange fear of getting ridiculously overweight.

Baby is the size of an: Ear of corn (length that is). “Her nostrils are opening now for practice breathing; she’ll go through the same motions of real breathing but inhale amniotic fluid instead of air.”

Maternity clothes: Nope. But I’m sure I could benefit from it. I’ve mostly been wearing loose flowy dresses, shorts (unbuttoned) with loose tank tops.

Stretch Marks: None at all.

Cravings: Still craving avocados. When I go to restaurants, I almost ALWAYS ask for guac, or avocado on the side. But lately I’ve been LOVING watermelons. Which is perfect because they’re in season now.

Sleep: I’ve been sleeping really well. Lately I’ve been staying up late with my husband (watching stranger things), or he’s up late working, so I’ll stay up with him. ALSO, we got a nanny to come to our house to watch the boys while I sleep (when I come off a 12 hour night shift) and so far it’s been amazing! I’m able to sleep really well now!

Movement: Some days I feel her really low, other days I barely feel her at all, But I blame my anterior placenta. To read more about an anterior placenta and why they suck CLICK HERE. But listening to her on my SneakPeek fetal Doppler I am able to hear all her movements!

How am I feeling: We’ve had quite the eventful week, but surprisingly I’m hanging on really well. All in all, I’m controlling my emotions better.

Still breastfeeding Joel?: Honestly, I’m not. I never really thought about it until now, as I’m typing this. It’s actually kind of sad. It’s legit been over a week since I last nursed him! Well I can say I made it to 18 months with him!

Any exciting updates to share: Well we are starting to get things put together for her nursery finally. We ordered the boys’ bunk bed a few days ago, and once we get that set up…RJ and Elias will sleep on that. and Joel will sleep in the same room but in a crib (possibly RJ’s bed. But we’ll see how he does). Once Joel is out of his room, we’ll begin the process of getting her nursery put together. Her crib mattress and sheets came in. We have her DockATot nestled away. Her diaper pail is in route. My mom ordered her crib, and cube shelf organizer the other day. We just ordered her custom sign that will go above her bed. All that’s left is for us to buy her dresser, and glider, and of course the décor. I will definitely put together a “Shared boys’ room reveal” blog post, Like as soon as we have everything put together (within 2 weeks). And then a nursery reveal, once her room is complete (early-mid august). We also ordered her car seat, and that was delivered on Thursday!

Her baby shower planning is coming along perfectly. We booked the venue, like forever ago. And we are still solidifying food. But I think I had the theme of this shower planned like 3 kids ago lol.

Also I preregistered at the Hospital where she’ll be delivered (where I delivered Elias, and where I went after Joel was accidently born at home).

Things are just happening so fast. I feel like it was just yesterday I was calling my best friend Maddie, telling her I think I see a faint positive on my pregnancy tests (literally days after she got married). And now I’m getting near the end of my 2nd trimester! Like I’ve said before, It’s all so bittersweet. It’s nice knowing our family is complete, we got the girl we’ve prayed for. But it’s sad knowing I will never be pregnant again. And don’t tell me “never say never” because my tubes…are getting tied!! Like its confirmed with my OB. I’m set to have the procedure 6 weeks postpartum! That’s how official it is.

But anyways, I’m done being all emotional over this lol. Stay tuned for my 26 week bump date.  I may have a bump date for ya’ll next Saturday (25 week) so I can give you an update after my OB appointment. At that appointment I’m going to ask her about my anterior placenta and what exactly it means for me and the rest of my pregnancy!

Here are some pictures from Sunday (Elias’ 3rd birthday and Father’s Day) while we spent the day at Disney World.

Shirts are from Mom Life Must Haves.

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