Elias is THREE!!

This past weekend we celebrated Elias’ 3rd birthday, and it was just the sweetest most intimate little party ever. We knew we wanted something small with just family (and a few of his closest school friends). We decided to have his birthday party at Wondermade. It’s a small marshmallow and ice cream shop located in the heart of Downtown Sanford. Elias’ friends’ parents’ actually own the shop, that’s how we originally found out about the place!

They have a little workshop/event space in the back where you can bring your own food, cake and sing happy birthday. They offer a behind the scenes tour, where you learn how exactly they make their famous marshmallows. And then the kids get to cut our their own fun shaped marshmallows and bring them home to enjoy. It was a very hands on, birthday party. Perfect for little ones who like to get a little messy.

Anyways, enough talking, here are some pictures from his party. Unfortunately I didn’t get very many pictures (I didn’t even bring my mirror-less camera) because I was truly living in the moment and just celebrating his special day. So the photos I do have are from my husband and other family members.

Here is a video of his birthday party that my brother in law made!

Then the following day which was his actual birthday (and father’s day) we woke up early, I made his favorite pancakes in honor of his special day, and father’s day. Then we loaded the kids up and headed to one of his favorite places, DISNEY WORLD! Elias got to go on ALL of HIS favorite rides, even the barnstormer roller coaster, which he’s not afraid of!

Going on all of HIS favorite rides.

Shirts are from Mom Life Must Haves

His birthday was absolutely perfect for him. He was so well behaved, and happy the entire time. He adored all of his gifts, and can’t wait to spend his “target money” on anything he wants!

Thank you to all of our family for attending and making this day so special for him. Elias is blessed to have all of you in his life. If you want to read Elias’ birth story CLICK HERE!

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