24 weeks/6 months



How far along: 24 weeks/6 months !!

Gender: still a boy that we know of !

Heart rate: 160 BPM

Cravings: still loving my oranges and peanut butter with club crackers ! And also hot sauce !!!

Aversions: no rice,beans with chicken !!! Yuck ?

Stretch Marks: None so far ! And I’m being so honest I haven’t been using my belly balm . I really should being that my tummy has been itching a lot.

Mood: I haven’t been crazy emotional or anything, so that’s always good in my books !

Total Weight gain: 126 pounds so total weight gain is 8 pounds.

Maternity clothes: Will somebody buy me some maternity scrub pants ?!! Lol We are going this weekend to a few uniform places to look for maternity scrub bottoms. A lot of these places you can only order them online but I hate ordering scrub pants online because every brand is different and I don’t want to be walking around with parachute pants nor do I want to order a toddler size lol

Sleep: I’ve gotten pretty good sleep lately, even on my nights to work and I only get 5 hours during the day…you better believe I’m sleeping so good for those 5 short hours !

Miss anything: Yep, we went to Bahama Breeze the other night in celebration for RJ making a MAJOR accomplishment (blog post coming soon) and they have a new drink menu for Cinco de Mayo and It sure did look yummy. I have a nice little list of things to try and do after I’m done breastfeeding lol

Milestones: My best friend from work felt baby B squirm around !

Outfit: Tank top is from H&M for $5, maxi skirt is from Target and my earrings are from Forever 21 !

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