25 weeks


How far along: 25 weeks/6 months&1 week.

Gender: boy !! 3d/4d ultrasound is in 8 days !!!

Cravings: Anything spicy !!

Aversions: I ate rice and beans two days ago and didn’t want to vomit ! So I guess nothing for right now.

Stretch Marks: none, but my belly is so so itchy ! Especially my belly button

Mood: I have been very emotional, short tempered, and irritable.

Total Weight gain: went in to the ER Friday night (baby and I are doing better) and I weighed 128 pounds. So total weight gain is 10 pounds.

Maternity clothes: I’ve been wearing a lot of maxi skirts and stretchy tank tops a lot lately. It’s what’s most comfortable these days.

Sleep: I have been sleeping pretty good, other than the normal potty trips during the night. Still having some crazy dreams that I literally wake up out of breath and in a panic from.

Miss anything: I miss looking good in my bikinis. We went to the beach last Sunday and my hubby took pictures of myself and I deleted every single one of them with the exception of two (that I edited the crap out of)

Milestones: another co-worker felt my hyper boy squirm around.

Outfit: maxi skirt from H&M, tank top was $5 from H&M and jewelry is from nowhere else but premier designs.

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