29 Weeks

image How far along: 29 Weeks Gender: Boy Cravings: Spicy foods (To be specific a#3 from Chickfila….spicy chicken sandwich with Chickfila sauce) and Fresh fruits. Aversions: No rice and beans. Stretch Marks: None that I can see. 11 more weeks to go…I can make it !!! Mood: I’ve been getting easily annoyed. I’m getting tired of people commenting  on the size of my belly (you’re so small, Are you sure there is a baby in there?, You better be eating), Rudely voicing their opinions, Why I should talk to my baby everyday, etc etc. I don’t understand why it is so easy for people to voice unnecessary opinions to a hormonal pregnant woman, especially when it wasn’t asked nor needed. Total Weight gain: 14 pounds total still. Went to publix on Monday and was still 132 pounds. Maternity clothes: Only thing maternity that I am wearing are my leggings, and shorts. Sleep: only way I’m comfortable is with about 7 pillows…my husband is suffering. Miss anything: I miss good sleep, and sleeping on my tummy ! Milestones: he got hiccups the other night ! RJ use to get it all the time when he was in my tummy. Outfit: pants are non maternity XS from TJMAXX for about $14, and my tank is from H&M along with my earrings. And necklace is from premier designs.

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