36 Weeks


How far along: 36 weeks! Officially 9 months preggo, and next week Baby B will be FULL TERM and ready !

Cravings: Not so much oranges anymore, But still ADDICTED to special K cereal, spicy foods, Pineapples, and grilled chicken sandwiches. And

Stretch Marks: none !! thank goodness

Discomforts: Last week I was having A lot of braxton Hicks conractions (I’m well hydrated so dehydration is not the issue), It’s getting really hard to get out of bed, and I just feel like he’s really low so when I stand up its uncomfortable.

Mood: Still no crazy mood swings…

Baby’s Position: As of today June 8th, Baby is head down, and engaged in my pelvis. My doctor told me he is extremely low (despite what everyone thinks)  I am currently 70% effaced and and 1cm dilated ! I’m really excited for my next appointment next Monday (EVERY MONDAY)

Total Weight gain: I am currently 142 Pounds so total weight gain is 24 pounds (so since last week, I gained the recommend 1 pound) ! I seriously am So proud of myself, because with this pregnancy I am so much more active, making smartER food choices, and drinking so much more water…and seriously I see and feel such a difference. (I ate well with RJ but nowhere near as I have been with this one, and also with RJ I had a GREAT pregnancy ALL 9 months, but I feel even better this time around !!)

Maternity clothes: Maxi Skirts and Tank tops are my best friend ! I have been wearing my maternity shorts…Only because it’s so so hot outside and I need to feel a breeze on my legs !

Sleep: I have been sleeping good, Just very hard getting out of bed.

Miss anything: I miss being skinny.

Milestones: His heart rate was 160 BPM while he was squirming around, and once he settled doen it was 150 BPM. I started squatting…now there is nothing wrong with squatting during the entire pregnancy but I held off on it the last trimester because he was breech and I didnt want to open up my pelvis and have him fall deeper into a breech position…so as soon as I got the go ahead, I started squatting. We also had our baby sprinkle yesterday and we are so humbled by the amount of friends and family who came and sprinkled us with love.

Outfit : top is a swim suit coverup from h&m and bottomss are maternity leggings from h&m as well.  Jewelry is premier designs !

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