35 Weeks


How far along: 35 weeks! Almost there…eeeeek !!!!

Gender: Still a boy…

Cravings: Oranges, Grapes and Meat. Lately I’ve been loving grilled chicken and burgers (I need to slow down so my weight gain is in control)

Stretch Marks: Absolutely none on my belly and no new ones since my last pregnancy.( other than the two I got on my breasts lol)

Discomforts: My back has been KILLING me !!! It’s an annoying dull, sore feeling.

Mood: I’ve been good. No crazy mood swings or crazy pregnant girl episodes haha

Baby’s Position: I go to the Doctor’s on Monday where I will be getting my first Vaginal exam since I was 6 weeks pregnant and from there they will feel for the top of his head, and if she is unable to feel it they will then schedule an ultrasound.

Total Weight gain: I checked the scale at Winn-Dixie and I weigh 137 pounds…so I dropped a pound since my last appointment ? But like I said tomorrow is my OB appointment so I will have an accurate weight then.

Maternity clothes: Same as last week, maxi skirts with tank tops, maternity shorts (that I wore when preggo with RJ) And lots of dresses. Thank goodness for this sunny florida weather that I am able to wear light and airy items that can be worn after baby as well.

Sleep: Along with the 5th pillow that got added to my pillow gang, I’ve been waking up with hip pain…from sleeping on my hips with all the extra baby weight on me.

Miss anything: This is kind of weird, but right now I’m currently missing water slides. The other day we drove by Wet-n-Wild and going on the water rides seemed so refreshing and fun…and at that moment I really missed being able to do that stuff.

Milestones: Last appointment his Heart Rate was 150 BPM. I will have an updated one after my OB appointment.

Outfit: Tank top from JCPenny, shorts were from TJMaxx and jewelry is from Premier Designs.

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