The birth story of our surprise baby

Okay so we have said this story AT LEAST 15 times, so I’m sure we missed a few parts and what not so here it goes, the full detailed story of Joél’s birth.

Starting Monday night (12/12/2016) around 11 pm while my husband and I were watching Star Wars I started getting some heavy period-like cramping. To be honest, we thought nothing of it. It wasn’t until 1am that those cramps turned into contractions (but more like super intense Braxton hick contractions), I told my hubby I was going to go to sleep because we needed to wake up early to take RJ to school, and then my OB appointment at 10am. So I get into bed and around 2am the contractions were serious, serious enough that I said “alright, let me call my doctor” explained to the doctor on call that this is baby number three, the pain started out of nowhere and what should I do. She told me to head to Winnie Palmer Hospital Triage and get checked out. I called my mom to come over and stay with the boys, and she was at our house in a blink of an eye. We loaded up the car with all the hospital stuff and was on our way. The entire way there I was contracting and the pain was so bad in my back and my butt. Once we made it to the hospital I was greeted by all my old co-workers who couldn’t believe I was “in labor” because I was so calm. Made it into my triage room around 3:15ish and got checked immediately because this is baby number three and they tend to fly out ?. When my nurse checked me I was ONLY 2-3 cm dilated and 70% effaced, after she told me that Renaldo blurted out “OH, THATS IT?!??”. At my last OB appointment (a week prior) I was 2 cm and 60% effaced. So this was discouraging because all those contractions were for nothing, or so we thought. They continued to monitor me and after about 2 hours my nurse said I have two options 1. Walk around the hospital for 2 hours and then get checked to see if I’ve progressed, or 2. Get a shot of morphine, go home and get some sleep.

I use to work in triage and I’ve seen time after time, super pregnant and fed up moms walking around the hospital for 2 hours only to have zero progress and go home. So I was like NOPE, I think I’ll go home and get some sleep especially since I made no progress since my last appointment. She gave me my discharge papers and sent me on my way. I went to go pee (still in triage, not yet out of their hair) and I had a bloody mucusy discharge (which I now know was my mucus plug) and I felt like I kept peeing (which was potentially my water that was leaking). I walked out and told my nurse and she was like “oh it’s probably because we just checked you, that’s what it is”. So I’m like whatever, lets go home. We get home around 5:45am and I do a load of laundry and crawl into bed. Literally every 5 minutes, I’m waking up to another contraction and another one and another one. Around 7am I beg my husband to get the heating pad out for me because I can’t take it.
** side note: I texted my hair dresser friend, if she could come over and blow dry my hair when she gets out of work(at 4pm) so just in case I go into labor within the week I would look cute**
At exactly 7:45 am my alarm goes off, and that’s my cue to get the boys up and RJ ready for preschool. Renaldo wakes them up while I get RJ’s lunch ready. Literally in between contractions I’m grabbing a ziplock bag, loading it with crackers, another contraction comes, another ziplock bag is loaded with grapes, and so on until his lunch his packed. At this point they are 2 minutes apart and I’m moaning like a whale, praying and begging to God to take this pain away from me. I told my husband I felt like I needed to poop, and that I quickly wanted to put some makeup on (so I don’t look like I haven’t slept all night). As I’m walking to the bathroom, another contraction happens, and I’m crying tears! So he calls his mom to see if she can come over so we can head on over to the hospital, all while he’s talking to her I’m crying and screaming and he asks me if he should call 911, initially I wanted to say no because you know at the hospital I was only 2-3 cm so I felt like I was just being dramatic, then another contraction came and I was like “call them!!!!”. At this point I’m back in the bathroom attempting to “poop” on the toilet but it hurt to sit down, so I got on all 4s, my husband ran the bath water, and got connected to 911. While he was talking to them I was screaming, moaning crying out “It’s coming!!”, I looked down and I saw water dripping out of me, at some point he walked out of the bathroom and I somehow crawled into the tub by myself, he came back in to check on me, and then again walked out to unlock the door for the paramedics for whenever they arrived, while he was unlocking the door, the baby’s head came out and I grabbed it to make sure it was really a head and I felt hair so it was the real deal. I was screaming “RENALDOOOOOOOOO, THE HEAD!!!!!!!!!!”. At this point I have a million emotions going on, I was scared, mad, in pain, confused, you name it, I felt it. Then good ole RJ walks in and says “mommy why are you taking a bath?” I said “GET OUT” in the deepest voice ever lol. Renaldo ran in, and shrieked at the sight of a head in between my legs, He told me to push and I did but it did nothing. He walked out the bathroom again to see if the paramedics were here yet, While he was out there I could feel the next contraction coming, I screamed for him again and he came in just in time to grab the head (the shoulders were out) and pull the baby the rest of the way out. He immediately placed our baby on my chest (at 8:03 am), and ran out the bathroom because the paramedics had just pulled in, I could hear my husband yelling out “please bring a bulb syringe!”. The medics came in, very calm (which is what we needed after all this craziness happened), they waited for the cord to finish pulsating, clamped it, and before they could even blink I made sure Renaldo was the one to cut the cord. Initially he didn’t want to cut it because they don’t use scissors, they use a scalpel. Renaldo said he barely touched the cord with the blade and it sliced right through it. Right before he cut the cord we looked to check the gender, and it was a BOY! When he first came out, we didn’t even care to look at the gender because we just wanted to make sure everything was okay. After laying in the tub with my newborn baby boy for about 10 minutes they wrapped him up in our towels and I got out of the tub and on to the stretcher.

Once we (myself and the baby, Renaldo couldn’t come because we were waiting for his mom to come and watch the boys, who were sitting in the family room the entire time all this was going down) made it in the ambulance on our way to Winnie Palmer that’s when it kind of hit me, “oh my goodness, did this really happen?!” That’s when I realized that we never took a picture of any of this, not even when I was laying in the tub, on the stretcher leaving the house, nothing! So the paramedic who was with me the entire time took a picture of me holding our sweet baby boy.
We made it to the hospital about 30 minutes after we left from my house, and we were greeted by the Labor and Delivery charge nurse at the ambulance bay congratulating me and on my all natural home water birth. Made it into our labor and delivery room and the midwife on call for the practice I see, got everything set up for the delivery of the placenta. Got a shot of pitocin in my thigh, and literally 2 minutes later the placenta was delivered. And once the placenta came out, that’s when I felt a big relief. Even though I had just pushed a baby out, I was still contracting the entire ambulance ride there and it HURT!! About 5 minutes after the placenta was delivered, Renaldo made it to the hospital and that’s when we named our no name baby, Joél (Joe-Elle) Cristian (Chris-tee-an) Bonnaire. Little Joél weighed 7lbs 9oz and was 20.5 inches long. Joél was the heaviest of all my kids (even RJ who was past due).

All in all, it was a beautiful birth experience and I’m still in shock that all of this really happened to us. Like you see this stuff in movies and never think “oh this could happen to me”. But I’m so thankful Joél and I were healthy and nothing serious happened during the delivery. Thank you for reading my LONG birth story ❤


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